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Junior Centres of Excellence

The Football Association of Singapore is the governing body responsible for developing and advancing the game at all levels. It provides a structure for the game to flourish and govern the running of football in Singapore. FAS also aims to provide the best environment for nurturing future footballers from the ages as young as eight. 

One of the key tasks for FAS is to facilitate the development of the Junior Centre of Excellence (COE) for Under – 8, Under – 10, and Under – 12, providing an innovative high performance coaching and training programme for talented boys. The Junior COE scheme is an integral element identified by the FAS to bring Singapore Football to the next level. The National Football Syllabus is a world class coaching manual which adopts the best practices and latest coaching techniques to systematically develop and groom our youth. 

The National Football Syllabus is part of the recently released FAS Strategic Plan 2010 – 2015, our blueprint to bring Singapore football to the next level. The objective of this plan is to provide the direction for FAS to further grow our game in Singapore and move us from Asean’s best to being among the Top 10 ranked teams in Asia by 2015. One of the key strategies of the plan is to provide our emerging talents a comprehensive Player Development Pathway. It includes spotting talents earlier and nurturing them using the best practices of leading football nations. The National Football Syllabus will be the main coaching manual for all elite football teams in Singapore.

Our enhanced Player Development Pathway has incorporated a comprehensive talent identification programme, quality and coaching, quality local and overseas tournaments, access to appropriate facilities as well as football science and medicine support based on the best practices of the leading football nations which will provide our players the opportunities to excel and compete at a higher level.

In total, eight Junior Centres of Excellence for each age group will be set up island-wide. The process begins with trials that involve about 300 players for the Under-8 programme. From these trials, talented players are selected for their respective age groups and put through the training regime. The training will increase the tactical, technical, physical and mental skills of the youth players. The goal of this proposal is to get players to be skilful enough to be selected for the Singapore Sports School and the Under-14 COE programme . 

Apart from providing Singapore with a larger pool of talented players for various levels of the National teams, the scheme is aimed at enhancing the level of community participation amongst the future generation of Singaporeans. 

With Football’s position as one of Singapore’s most popular sports, the scheme will bond together families and people from all walks of life to rally in the spirit of national pride in support for Singapore. 

The scheme also sets out towards cultivating a sports culture among children, instilling in them a strong sense of team work, social integration and discipline values, whilst promoting a healthy lifestyle that will serve to benefit them throughout their adult years.


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