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“At this point in time, we do not have a futsal eco-system in Singapore. There is a major misconception of what futsal is. It is an entity of its own, and should not be confused with small-sided games (5v5) played indoors and/or on artificial turf.

“Without this eco-system, the coaches will not be able to practise whatever information that they might receive from attending the AFC Futsal Coaching Courses. 

“The student coaches from Singapore who wish to attend the Futsal Coaching courses organised by the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) are not currently coaching futsal, but rather are coaching small-sided games. As such, the coaching logbooks that are being submitted to the tutors are not for futsal sessions as they should be.

“Furthermore, the courses conducted in FAM are outsourced to a commercial entity. The fees charged are exorbitant and tantamount to football tourism, a practice discouraged by UEFA and AFC. I am trying to protect the interests of the coaches.

“Once we establish this futsal eco-system, we will organise the required courses.”

- Mohamed Basir Ellaya Kutty, Head of Coach Education, JCOE, Club Academies and School Football Academies


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