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Junior Centre of Excellence

The Junior Centre of Excellence (JCOE) programme is designed and managed by the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) to provide an innovative, high-performance coaching and training environment for talented Singaporeans aged between 10 and 13 to develop their abilities in different aspects of football such as basic tactics, ball mastery, mental strength and physical qualities. As all other FAS youth development programmes, the JCOE programme also seeks to make participants better players and better persons.

There are eight JCOE Centres – two in each zone (North, South, East and West). The players train several times a week and are grouped according to their age bands: Under-10 and Under-11, as well as Under-12 and Under-13. Each centre has a Centre Manager with three qualified youth coaches managing the programme.

Exceptionally talented players are allowed to move up and train with the higher age-group band to aid their development.

The ultimate goal of the JCOE programme is to produce players who can play a fast-passing football style within a 4-3-3 system. Through the carefully designed technical programme, continuous coach education, mentoring and quality control, the young players are able to improve their technical abilities and better read the game. By integrating technical skills into the playing system (5v5, 8v8), improving physical capacities and strengthening their mentality, players are prepared for the demanding technical requirements of modern football. 


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