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2024 FAS Grassroots Coaching Course concluded


27 participants took part in the course, February 2024. 


SINGAPORE, 19 FEBRUARY 2024 – The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) has recently concluded the 2024 FAS Grassroots Coaching Course*, held at Jalan Besar Stadium on 5 and 6 February 2024. This initiative, organized by the Coach Education Department (CED), aimed to empower aspiring coaches dedicated to nurturing young talents aged between six to nine years old.


The enthusiasm and dedication displayed by numerous applicants from both Singapore and abroad were truly overwhelming. With a staggering number of applicants vying for limited slots, the selection process was rigorous, ensuring the highest quality teaching and learning experience for the 27 participants selected for this year’s course.


Coach Developer Ahmadulhaq Bin Che Omar sharing on coaching styles, February 2024. 


Under the mentorship of esteemed Coach Developers Mr. Hanfiah Al-Sofli, Mr. Fadzuhasny Juraimi, and Mr. Ahmadulhaq Bin Che Omar, the course delved into essential theoretical topics such as the “Philosophy & Key Principles of Grassroots Football” and “Qualities of a Good Coach.” Moreover, practical sessions covered critical aspects including “Introduction of S.M.I.L.E.S.” and “Components of Coaching Session.”


Course participant Mr Ryan Ernst Huber (second from left) in a practical session with other participants, February 2024. 


Participants were actively engaged in planning and delivering coaching sessions, receiving constructive feedback from the Coach Developers to refine their techniques. The course received glowing reviews from participants, with Mr. Ryan Ernst Huber expressing his satisfaction, highlighting the invaluable insights shared by the Coach Developers: “The FAS Grassroots Coaching Course was exciting, fun, and very well organised. The Coach Developers with more than 40 years of combined coaching experience shared their invaluable insights and knowledge on how to conduct effective training at the grassroots level and develop children to not only be better footballers but more importantly, to allow the children to grow to be better versions of themselves.”


Course participant Ms. Maniyarasu Yashvini (first from left) in a practical session with other participants, February 2024. 


Ms. Maniyarasu Yashvini commended the comprehensive introduction to fundamental skills and values instilled during the course, emphasizing teamwork and sportsmanship: “The FAS Grassroots Coaching Course offered a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of the sport, catering to both beginners and those with some prior knowledge. The Coach Developers provided clear explanations and demonstrations of essential skills such as passing, dribbling, and shooting, ensuring that course participants grasped the basics effectively. The course also emphasized the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, and fair play, instilling valuable values in aspiring footballers. Additionally, practical sessions and drills were well-structured, allowing participants to practice and refine their techniques in a supportive environment. Overall, the FAS Grassroots Coaching Course served as an excellent foundation for individuals looking to develop their skills and passion for the beautiful game.”


Ms. Liyana Dzulkeffli, another participant, lauded the course for providing innovative methodologies and resources to refine coaching techniques: “The FAS Grassroots Coaching Course conducted by the FAS was beneficial for a developing coach like me to learn new coaching techniques, understand different innovative methodologies to help refine tactical approaches and implement modern drills to enhance the development of children. The resources provided by the Coach Developers helped me and my fellow course participants understand and implement the different skills required in football to help better improve our training sessions at the grassroots level.”


Ms. Liyana Dzulkeffli in a participant-led session, February 2024. 


Meanwhile, Coach Developer Mr. Mohamed Hanafiah Bin Al-Sofli concluded by reflecting on the passion and purpose displayed by aspiring grassroots coaches: “Meeting these aspiring grassroots coaches just shows that the football scene in Singapore is active. It’s where passion meets purpose, and where every aspiring grassroots coach has the power to shape the future of football, one player at a time.”


For the post-course assignment, course participants will now proceed to complete 16 hours of attachment at football academies, providing participants with hands-on experience to further enhance their coaching prowess. The CED remains committed to meeting the demand and enthusiasm from the football community by conducting more such courses throughout 2024.


*Please note that this course is NOT an entry-level course that leads to other coaching certifications



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