Coaching ● May 06, 2024

2024 FAS Introductory Coaching Course concluded



– The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) recently concluded the 2024 FAS Introductory Coaching Course at Kallang Football Hub last month.


Held between 23 to 25 April 2024, 27 aspiring coaches were privileged to participate in this highly sought-after course, designed to provide a comprehensive insight into the demands of higher-level coaching.


Spearheaded by the Lead Coach Developer, Mr. Philippe Aw, and the Assistant Coach Developer, Mr. Hanafiah Al-Sofli, the course delivered a robust curriculum covering both theoretical frameworks and practical applications, which include theory topics such as “Coaching Process” and “Coaching Methods” as well as practical topics such as “S.M.I.L.E.S.” and “Components of Progressive & GAG”.


This course was conducted for aspiring coaches to experience the demands of higher-level coaching courses and it is a pre-requisite prior to attending the FAS/AFC ‘C‘ Diploma (SG-Coach Level 1 Full Integration) Coaching Course.


Course participant Ms Sara Joy Hayduchok in a practical session, April 2024. 


A highlight of the course was the opportunity for participants to plan and deliver coaching sessions, receiving constructive feedback from seasoned Coach Developers. This interactive approach not only enhanced participants’ coaching prowess but also fostered a sense of camaraderie and collaboration among peers.


Reflecting on their experiences, course participants expressed gratitude for the enriching learning journey. Mr Rudie Imran Masih said: “As an individual making a mid-career change from an Army Officer, the FAS Introductory Coaching Course was both enjoyable and eye-opening. It reinforced fundamental coaching principles and fostered positive camaraderie among participants. I’m impressed with the syllabus and eager to pursue the FAS/AFC ‘C’ Diploma (SG-Coach Level 1 Full Integration) Coaching Course. Many thanks to both Coach Developers, Philippe and Hanafiah, and FAS’s CED Department for their professionalism and dedication.”


Ms. Sara Joy Hayduchok shared similar sentiments: “Before the FAS Introductory Coaching Course, I was looking forward to the information and skills that the course develops, but I walked away feeling even more appreciative of the people I met and the connections made. Considering everyone’s varied levels of involvement in football, it was a great opportunity to diversify my understanding of our football ecosystem. I really enjoyed seeing everyone take the opportunity to grow in their coaching ability and we had a lot of fun playing together.”


Mr. Prasad s/o Selvaraju commended the course for reigniting his passion for coaching, underscoring its depth compared to previous grassroots courses: “Under the guidance and tutelage of Coach Philippe and Coach Hanafiah, I gained invaluable insights and pointers that have enriched my journey as an aspiring coach. The FAS Introductory Coaching Course has reignited a burning desire to coach, and it has been a rewarding experience as this course was more in depth compared to the FAS Grassroots Course which I attained back in 2017.”


Course participant Mr. Prasad s/o Selvaraju (in red) in a practical session, April 2024. 


For Lead Coach Developer Mr Philippe Aw, he shared that facilitating the course was a rewarding experience: “For the Coach Developers, we wanted to ensure a positive environment where our adult learners can gain good knowledge so they can bring it back to impact the players under their care. These aspiring coaches displayed a very positive attitude towards learning and it was enjoyable developing them in this coaching journey.”


As the curtains draw on the 2024 FAS Introductory Coaching Course, participants now embark on a mentoring journey under an approved FAS/AFC ‘C’ Diploma or equivalent holder for at least six months. This preparatory phase sets the stage for their progression towards the next available FAS/AFC ‘C’ Diploma (SG-Coach Level 1 Full Integration) Coaching Course.


The overwhelming response and dedication showcased by numerous applicants, hailing from Singapore and beyond, underscored the unwavering passion and commitment within our coaching community. With a record-breaking number of applicants vying for a spot, the FAS would like to express its gratitude for the immense interest. As we continue to witness this remarkable enthusiasm, the FAS remains committed to meeting the increasing demand and enthusiasm from the football community by conducting more such courses throughout 2024.


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