Coaching ● May 19, 2024

2024 Grassroots Coaching Course (AAS) concluded





SINGAPORE, 19 MAY 2024 – The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) has recently concluded the 2024 Grassroots Coaching Course. Held on 16 and 17 April 2024, this course aimed to equip aspiring coaches with the skills and knowledge necessary to develop young players aged between six to nine years old.


Tailored specifically for coaches from the Academy Accreditation System, the course attracted 22 participants eager to contribute to the future of Singapore football. Hosted at the Kallang Football Hub, the program was co-delivered under the mentorship of Lead Coach Developer, Mr. Hanafiah Al-Sofli, and Assistant Coach Developer, Mr. Abdul Musawir.


Lead Coach Developer Mr. Hanafiah Al-Sofli presenting a theoretical session, April 2024.


Participants delved into a comprehensive curriculum covering theory topics such as “Philosophy & Key Principles of Grassroots Football” and “Qualities of a Good Coach,” alongside practical sessions on “Introduction of S.M.I.L.E.S.” and “Components of Coaching Session.” One of the highlights was the opportunity for participants to plan and deliver coaching sessions, receiving invaluable feedback from experienced Coach Developers.


Reflecting on their experience, Mr. Muhammad Affi Bin Mohd Yusof, one of the course participants, emphasized the significance of the S.M.I.L.E framework in enriching coaching strategies for children: ““The S.M.I.L.E framework is central to this course, equipping me with more coaching strategies for children. By integrating the techniques from the FAS Grassroots Coaching Course, under the mentorship of Coach Hanafiah and Coach Musawir, I’ve gained invaluable insights to enrich the developmental path of young players.”



Course participant Mr. Borhan Bin Alladin (in blue) in a practical session, April 2024. 


Likewise, Mr. Borhan Bin Alladin commended the well-developed course structure and the insightful sharing of the nation’s coaching philosophy by Coach Hanafiah and Coach Musawir: “Such courses are essential in the development of new and aspiring coaches. It sets the tone for us who are taking coaching courses for the first time, and we hope to be able to develop further our coaching ability and knowledge through upgraded courses.  The course structure was well-developed as well. Coach Hanafiah and Coach Musawir did well in sharing the nation’s coaching philosophy and goals too.”


Mr. Muhamad Afiq Bin Muzni echoed the sentiment, highlighting how the course enriched his understanding of essential soccer values and effective training plan development: “The FAS Grassroots Coaching Course has profoundly enriched my understanding of the essential values in soccer and how to effectively instill them in young players. Through expert guidance, I’ve learned to craft training plans that not only enhance physical fitness but also teach life lessons like fairness and respect. As coaches, focusing on a core skill during each session—be it running with the ball, striking, first touch, or mastering one-on-one challenges—allows us to make a significant impact on our players’ growth and their potential soccer careers in Singapore.”


Lead Coach Developer, Mr. Hanafiah Al-Sofli, leading a practical session, April 2024. 


Lead Coach Developer, Mr. Hanafiah Al-Sofli, expressed his pride in the initiative, emphasizing its pivotal role in nurturing young talents and strengthening coaching standards at the grassroots level: “The recent FAS Grassroots Coaching Courses initiative by the Football Association of Singapore represents a pivotal step towards nurturing our young talents through dedicated coaching at the grassroots level. The enthusiasm and expertise displayed by the AAS coaches during this program not only enhance our coaching standards but also strengthen our commitment to developing football from the ground up. This initiative reaffirms our belief in investing in foundational skills and underscores our dedication to shaping the future of Singapore football.”




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