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21 participants embark on FAS/AFC ‘C’ Diploma (SG-Coach Level 1 Full Integration) course


Participants of the FAS/AFC ‘C’ Diploma (SG-Coach Level 1 Full Integration) course, June 2022

The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) Coaching Education Department (CED) recently started the conduct of the FAS/Asian Football Confederation (AFC) ‘C’ Diploma (SG-Coach Level 1 Full Integration) course for the first time.


Held from 11 to 23 June at Jalan Besar Stadium and Geylang Training Centre, the course not only certifies participants to become FAS/AFC ‘C’ Diploma holders, it also imparts Values & Principles in Sport and Safe Sport.


This is possible under the SG-Coach Integrated Programme, which incorporates both Theory component and sport-specific considerations; this means that holders of an Integrated certificate would mean that they possess both Theory and Technical certifications. This being a Level 1 Full Integration course, it comprises Foundational Sports Science (FSS), SG-Coach Level 1 Theory and SG-Coach Level 1 Technical components. More information can be found here.


Over the two weeks, 21 participants came under the mentorship of Lead Coach Developer, Mr Philippe Aw and Assistant Coach Developer, Mr Subramani Shunmugham. The course comprises three parts: pre-course, in-course and post-course; participants are required to complete all three and be assessed as competent before they can be certified. The participants involved this time have completed the first two parts.


Mr Philippe Aw (leftmost), June 2022


The three parts are as below:


    • Pre-course
      • Course participants were required to complete 18.5 hours of e-learning modules and mock exams on a learning portal, which includes topics from SG-Coach Theory Level 1 and Foundational Sport Science before they can attend the in-course segment
    • In-course
      • Course participants were required to have and do the following:
        • 100 per cent Attendance
        • Submit 2 assignments:
          • Personal Coaching Philosophy
          • FAS’ Game For Life Session Plan
        • Complete the following assessments:
          • Football Specific Theory Paper
          • Laws Of The Game
          • 2 Practical Assessments
            • All assessments were recorded with video and audio. The recordings were shared with the course participants for their feedback sessions with the Coach Developers.
      • Some of the topics (both theory and practical) covered include the following:
        • FAS Playing & Coaching Philosophy Philosophy (4 core skills)
          • Running with the ball
          • Striking the ball
          • 1 v 1
          • 1st touch
        • Game For Life
        • Sport Science
          • Fundamental Movement Skills
          • Energy Systems Practical Session
        • Goalkeeping
          • Basic Handling & Positioning
        • Laws of the Game
    • Post-course
      • Course participants will have to take exams on SG-Coach Theory L1 and Foundational Sport Science, with a passing mark of 80%.
      • Assessment
        • Course participants will be assessed with 1 practical assessment in their coaching environment by our Coach Developers.
      • Attachment
        • Each course participant will be attached to a School Football Academy. They’re required to clock 18 hours of coaching experience.
      • Certificate
        • Course participants will need to attain a valid First Aid + AED certification (at their own cost).



One of the participants, Mr Murugan Balamurali, described the two weeks as “amazing” and “enlightening”, and expressed appreciation for the effort that went into the planning as he continued his youth coaching journey. Similarly, Ms Kong Zi En Pamela praised the “well-designed” and “positive” learning environment. “We were also able to deliver many practical sessions under the guidance of the Coach Developers which gives us more confidence to carry out a good training session post-course,” she noted. “Feedback and reflection on these practical sessions were helpful and without judgement.”



Fellow participant, Mr Ng En Teck Elliot, added: “It has been a humbling, inspiring and exhilarating two weeks for me. I never realised football meant this much to me until I had to apply myself day-in and day-out to the rigours and demands of this course. The amount of resources offered to us has been immense – but more than just material, it’s the lifeblood, sacrifice and passion of the Coach Developers poured in at every opportunity. These guys are national heroes in more ways than one – servants of the beautiful game with their eyes not merely on glory but the development of players who will love and play football for life.


“Although it has been a tough couple of weeks for my family and me, it’s comforting to know that our Coach Developers and coursemates were here with us for the long haul, through the disappointments, mistakes and barren patches. I’ve personally resolved to contribute to our national footballing aspiration at every opportunity, seeking to Unleash the Roar from now til 2034 and beyond, developing one young footballer at a time!”


Mr Aw, also the FAS Head of Methodology, noted that the design of the course took into consideration the National Football Curriculum and that the Introductory Coaching Course, which most of the participants had undergone, prepared them for it. “We set out to deliver this course in an adult learning way and I am glad we have achieved that,” he said. “Participants were hands-on and were able to draw on their prior experiences in football or work. For the practical assessments, we ensured there were both previews and reviews. All sessions were videoed with audio input so participants could reflect on their own sessions, before having a feedback session with me. The journey with them continues as we prepare them for their final assessment (in their own environment) as well as their coaching attachment.”


Mr Subramani Shunmugham (rightmost), June 2022


Mr Subramani added: “The course participants were positive and showed great enthusiasm throughout the course. There were lots of learning and sharing that took place. I hope they will bring back the valuable experiences gained and improve our coaching fraternity. I wish them all the best!”


Mr Zainudeen Hassan, June 2022


Mr Zainudeen Hassan, FAS Head (CED), noted that the FAS is one of a handful of National Sports Associations in Singapore to have adopted this course and said: “A lot of time was spent on content development during the COVID period and to see the course being well received by the course participants makes us very happy. The FAS’ Coach Education & Development Department is grateful to the Coach Developers and Coach-SG staff for their support and assistance.”





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