The FAS Respect programme was launched in February 2019 to encourage a more positive environment in the local football scene.

The tagline ‘Earn It‘ conveys the idea “Respect is earned, not given“. From the players and coaches to the match officials and fans, the programme aims to educate and encourage all members of the football fraternity to treat each other with Respect through their actions and words.

Handshake before and after a match


Targeting four major stakeholders, each group is represented by a color in the Respect logo

  • Green: Players
  • Grey: Officials
  • Red: Spectators
  • Yellow: Youth


  • Promote respect amongst players, officials, spectators and match officials
  • Reduce the amount of abuse that match officials receive
  • Improve the behaviors of players towards club officials, spectators and match officials
  • Create awareness that every individual is a key component of the game and has a part to play

Under the players/officials code of conduct, players/officials are expected to:

  • Be an ambassador of SPL/FAS and avoid putting oneself in a situation that could disparage the image of his Club or any one of the affiliated Clubs in the professional league (the Singapore Premier League) and/or the affiliated clubs of FAS and/ or that of his fellow professionals, be they Players or Officials
  • Conduct oneself in a professional manner, both on and off the field. and refrain from any behaviour or language that is threatening, abusive, obscene or provocative
  • Refrain from discussing in a derogatory manner the Singapore Premier League and/or any other tournaments or matches of FAS, the FAS, its affiliated Clubs or anyone associated therewith, and/or the footballing fraternity in Singapore (including sponsors, fans or the media)

Let us work together to create the right environment for all to have great experiences in the sport!