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Academy Accreditation System (AAS)
As a country, Singapore needs to formalise the process of identifying and developing talented young players. If we can improve our system of developing talent, it will assist with the objective of raising the level of our national teams. A set of criteria will not by itself facilitate the development of elite youngsters, however, by ensuring that an appropriate environment exists in our clubs and academies, it will increase the possibility of more players reaching their potential.  

Purpose of AAS

To enable as many young players as possible to train and play in a quality environment regardless of their socio-economic status.

Principles of Accreditation

  • Empower and encourage clubs/academies to provide a high quality learning environment for youngsters in Singapore
  • Provide young players with the opportunity to participate in a low/no cost club/academy
  • Encourage clubs/academies to provide a high quality learning environment with the emphasis on development as opposed to winning at all costs
  • Ensure that all clubs/academies achieve minimum standards in terms of coaching and facilitate coach education opportunities for coaches
  • Encourage all clubs/academies to adopt a player-centred approach
  • FAS to provide direction via a National Playing Philosophy
  • Ensure that all clubs/academies and players are aware of exit routes and progression routes
  • Accredited clubs/academies will have the opportunity to participate in FAS/UTR competitions
  • Players in all accredited clubs/academies are expected to be released for National Youth Team training/matches if selected

Accreditation & Benefits

  • Applicant Clubs (AC) will have the opportunity to work closely with the FAS Technical Division, and obtain first-hand guidance which will facilitate the enhanced operation of their academies. The FAS accreditation process will enable clubs achieving Level 1 to progress to AFC accreditation if they want to make this next step.
  • ACs will also obtain insight and education on the national philosophy and curriculum through the guidance of the Technical Division.
  • Coaches in the ACs will be given priority for coach education opportunities and/or exposure through attachments etc. High performing coaches will also be considered for roles within the NDC framework as and when they arise.
  • AC administrators may also be given opportunities to build their capabilities through various engagements and initiatives, such as workshops/courses etc organised by FAS.
  • Accredited clubs will be eligible to participate in the newly formed SYL, guaranteeing a minimum number of games to boost player development via a thoroughly curated programming matrix.
  • Players from ACs will also be included in the Talent ID list, and their progress will be tracked. They will also have opportunities to be invited to join the NDCs, National age group team training should they display the required potential.
  • ACs will benefit from incentives via the national training compensation scheme, allowing them to obtain compensation in recognition of their efforts in training and developing their players, should they move to a higher-tiered club such as SPL COE teams etc.

Accreditation Process


• The Technical/Executive Committee will review all processes

Clubs will be expected to comply with the FAS timelines outlined below.   Licenses will be issued on an annual basis and clubs/academies who do not satisfy the criteria may have their status removed or downgraded.
Accreditation Criteria

Academies will be accredited based on these criteria:

  1. Leadership
  2. Planning
  3. Organisation
  4. Staffing
  5. Recruitment
  6. Finance
  7. Facilities
  8. Coaching
  9. Playing
  10. Player Performance
  11. Player Welfare
  12. Assessment
  13. Rules
Academies will then be accorded with the different level of accreditation:
Level 3 Excellent Provides an environment that significantly exceeds the minimum requirements of a quality youth development program.
Level 2 Very Good Provides an environment that exceeds the minimum requirements of a quality youth development program.
Level 1 Good Provides an environment that meets the minimum requirements of a quality youth development program.
* Accredited academies will enjoy various benefits, such as access to Coaching Courses and participating in a revamped youth league from 2024 onwards.  
Accreditation Timeline   FAS cordially invites all academies to apply for the Academy Accreditation System (AAS) and participate in this landmark initiative by signing up via the application form - AAS-Form   Application Details: • Deadline: The deadline to submit the completed application form along with all supporting documents is Friday, October 13, 2023. • Submission: Please submit your application to Baihakki Khaizan at [email protected]. • Assistance: For any queries or assistance in completing the forms, please get in touch with Baihakki Khaizan at the email address above.  

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