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AFC C Diploma course for professional players to be held in February 2024



SINGAPORE, 6 FEBRUARY 2024 – The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) Players’ Concierge is organizing its first Asian Football Confederation (AFC) C Diploma Course for current and former National Players as well as professional footballers.


Scheduled for 19-29 February 2024, the course is also open to former footballers who played in the Deloitte Women’s Premier League.


Subsidies for the course are available if players meet criteria outlined by the Players Concierge (see table below).


The Players’ Concierge is a support system aimed at empowering retired footballers with the necessary tools to support growth beyond their playing careers, as well as aid the budding careers and livelihoods of current players.


The brainchild of FAS Head of Planning, Baihakki Khaizan, the FAS Players’ Concierge was launched in June 2023 and has six pillars – International Cap Bonus, Scholarship Credits, Job Opportunities, Education Partnership, Coaching Pathways and Overseas Support.


“The upcoming AFC C Diploma course which falls under the Coaching Pathways pillar, directly addresses the concerns of players – both retired ones like myself or those still plying their trade – who want to transition from playing to coaching. This tailored program ensures a supportive and efficient process and it’s a step in the right direction for those who wish to pursue the coaching route” said Baihakki, a former Singapore international.


The principles underlying the coaching initiative are centered on providing players with a meaningful career pathway from playing the game to coaching.


Baihakki added:“The goal is to learn and improve together, making it a supportive community for developing football coaching skills. In this program, everyone is encouraged to share their knowledge and accept helpful feedback.”


Former Internationals will be amongst those eligible to take up the AFC C Diploma Course


The seven-day course will be split into two parts with the first portion being conducted between 19th and 22nd February at Geylang Training Centre and Kallang Football Hub. The second part of the course will run from February 26th to 29th with sessions held at Jalan Besar Stadium.


FAS is looking to have a mix of National Players, Singapore Premier League (SPL) professionals and women players for the inaugural course that will welcome 24 participants.


Former Singapore striker Khairul Amri is optimistic of the success of the program: “The course is a good initiative and I am happy that Singapore is adopting this fast track coaching program for current and ex-players as many other countries have done so successfully over the years. Through efforts such as this, players such as myself feel valued and appreciated after all the years we’ve contributed to the game in Singapore”.


Interested participants can register their interest for upcoming courses here: https://forms.gle/hr9JacacwU2mY69f6.



Course Details FAS AFC C Diploma Course (Professional Players)
Course Duration Part 1: 19th – 22nd February Part 2: 26th – 29th February
Participants 24 slots
Courses Offered – Education
– Football Coaching Methods
– Coach SG NROC (Online)
Eligibility Criteria
National Players – International Caps
– Playing or Retired
Eligibility Criteria – Both Men’s & Women’s
Professional Players – Minimum 8 Years in SPL/WPL
– Playing or Retired
– Both Men’s & Women’s
– Retired Players to be involved in coaching
– Minimum grassroots experience (Academy, Active SG, etc.)
Priority Criteria
National Players – Retired National Players
– Current National Players
– Age & Number of Caps
– Situational (Injury, Career Ending, etc.)
Professional Players – Retired SPL/WPL player actively coaching
– Full-Time Player
– Age & Number of Years (8 years)
– Situational (Injury, Career Ending, etc.)
Subsidy Information
National Players – 50 Caps & Above (Fully Subsidized)
– 25 – 49 Caps (Half Subsidy)
– 1 – 24 Caps (Full Payment)
Professional Players – Full Payment




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