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AFC Fitness Level 2A Coaching Course concluded



Participants taking part in a practical session, July 2023.


SINGAPORE, 18 SEPTEMBER 2023 – In collaboration with the Coaching Education and Development (CED) Department, the Football Science and Medicine Department (FSAM) recently concluded the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Fitness Level 2A Coaching Course. This course took place from the 25 to 30 July 2023, aiming to equip football coaches with advanced fitness knowledge and methodologies to benefit players and the Singapore football scene as a whole.


With 18 participants in attendance, the course was led by Dr. Ghloamreza Jahani Ghaeh Ghashlagh, an AFC-appointed instructor at Jalan Besar Stadium, Over six days, participants delved deep into various theory topics, including “Exercise And Training Physiology: Neuromuscular System/Motor Control And Muscle Strength,” “Physical Demands in Football,” and “Aerobic And Speed Training.”


Head of Football Science and Medicine, Mohd Firdaus Massar (left) and Dr. Ghloamreza Jahani Ghaeh Ghashlagh (right), July 2023. 


Participants also had the opportunity to take the lead in practical sessions. They worked collaboratively in groups to design and deliver a fitness session plan. However, before putting their plans into action, participants engaged in consultation sessions with Dr. Ghloamreza to refine and optimize their strategies.


To provide a realistic context, external players from Pei Hwa Secondary School and Woodlands Secondary School were involved in the course, further enriching the learning experience. On the last day of the course, participants were put to the test with both practical and theory examinations.


External players from Pei Hwa Secondary School, July 2023. 


Hang Yiguang, one of the course participants, shared his thoughts on the intensive program, stating, “This six-day course was intense, both physically and mentally, but we learnt a lot during the process. From the deep theoretical knowledge of the instructor to receiving peer feedback during our practical sessions, this course deepened our fitness understanding from level 1, allowing us to apply our knowledge on speed endurance, aerobic high intensity, and football power training to specific players positions with greater effectiveness. I believe as more coaches are equipped with football fitness knowledge, the players’ fitness will improve, and Singapore football will eventually be able to play at a higher intensity.”


Noh Rahman, another course participant, highlighted the significance of this course, saying, “Having personally completed the Level 1 and attended the AFC Fitness Conference in 2018 & 2019, it was a great opportunity for me and I’m sure for the rest of the participants too, to refresh ourselves with the AFC Fitness modules and its application on the field. We were also fortunate to get the chance to watch Tottenham Hotspurs game to analyse and discuss on the recent development and trends. We look forward to the second part of the course.”


Group photo of participants, July 2023. 


Mohd Firdaus Maasar, the Head of Football Science and Medicine, shared his observations on the AFC Fitness Level 2A Coaching Course, concluding, “This AFC Fitness Level 2A Coaching Course was motivating and challenging for the participants. In group tasks and practical sessions, they demonstrate remarkable teamwork and a high-performance culture by actively questioning suggestions for best practices. I look forward to seeing this group again in the upcoming level 2B course.”



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