Press Releases ● Jan 13, 2018



SINGAPORE, 13 JANUARY 2018: The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) today confirmed that Brunei DPMM FC will be participating in the 2018 season of Singapore’s domestic professional league.


The club will be allowed to sign a maximum of three foreign players with no age restrictions. Their match day starting line-up shall include one local (Brunei citizen) Under-23 player. Similar to rules governing the other participating clubs, if the local Under-23 player is substituted out in the first half, he shall be replaced by another local Under-23 player.


The confirmation of Brunei DPMM FC’s participation in the league comes following discussions with Brunei DPMM FC officials and engagement sessions with other participating clubs.


FAS President Mr Lim Kia Tong said: “There has been much speculation on Brunei DPMM FC’s participation in the league for the coming season. We have been actively discussing with Brunei DPMM FC officials, the other participating clubs, and all other related stakeholders to discuss the rules governing their participation in our league, and are happy to announce that they will continue in the 2018 season. This would not be possible without the clubs Chairmen’s support for DPMM, helping to pave a way for their continued participation both this year and in the longer term.


“DPMM’s participation is important to us not just in football terms because of the competitive value the team brings to the S.League, but also that this reinforces the warm bilateral relations ties the FAS has with both DPMM and Brunei. In this regard, it was important that we engaged proactively with DPMM and the other clubs to attain a mutually beneficial position. We hope to help the Brunei-based club grow in strength, and like what we are doing for our local clubs, build a community around their club.


“Having confirmed the participation of all nine clubs, we hope fans will join us in our excitement for the league to kick off on 31 March with the Community Shield.”


Brunei DPMM FC Team Manager Md Ali Bin Hj Momin said: “We are appreciative of the FAS for their efforts to engage with us and to come to an agreement on our continued participation in the League. Thanks also to the other participating clubs whom we understand have also been very receptive of our team. We would also like to express our sincere appreciation to our internal stakeholders, including the National Football Association of Brunei Darussalam (NFABD) for their support. We are happy to see this partnership with FAS continue and are looking forward to contributing to the competitiveness and success of the Singapore league.”


Brunei DPMM FC joined the S.League in 2009 and most recently won the League Cup in 2014 and the S.League title in 2015.