Coaching ● Mar 24, 2023

Conclusion of FAS Grassroots Coaching Course




SINGAPORE, 24 MARCH 2023 – The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) Coach Education & Development (CED) Department recently concluded a FAS Grassroots Coaching Course for volunteer coaches and working adults from the People’s Association.


The course was conducted in collaboration with PA (Youth and Sports Division) for their volunteer coaches who aspire or are committed to educating and developing young players between six to nine years old. A total of 27 participants came under the mentorship of Coach Developer Mr Hanafiah and FAS Head, Coach Education and Development Mr Zainudeen Hassan. In addition, Mr Toni Teo and Mr Habil Hakim were also involved as Observing Coach Developers. 


Participants were introduced to theory topics such as Coaches’ Values and Characteristics of Children and practical topics such as Introduction of S.M.I.L.E.S. and Components of Coaching Session. In addition, they also had to plan and deliver a coaching session, with constructive feedback provided by the Coach Developers at the end.



One of the participants, Mr Muhammad Asyraf Bin Yahaya, said: “I had an enriching learning experience during the 2-day coaching course.


“The Coach Developers were very knowledgeable and shared information they’ve gathered over the years from their respective coaching experiences. They were critical and detailed in analysing our practical sessions and giving us feedback. Thank you FAS’s Coach Education & Development Department for the enlightening and developmental experience.” 


Fellow participant Ms Sha’Abaniah Anis Binte Shadek added: “I’m thankful for the experience and opportunity to be a course participant in the course. The course was a good step forward towards a positive direction to help aid grassroots coaches to learn and share their experiences. Moreover, it provided a platform for current and new grassroots coaches to improve themselves in terms of learning the different coaching styles and methods that can help improve the football learning environment in Singapore. I learned that there’s a strong need for such grassroots courses to exist to aid more aspiring football coaches out there too.” 


Coach Developer Mr Hanafiah was impressed by the level of cooperation and openness displayed by the participants during the course.


He said: “They were enthusiastic and willing to learn, and their positive attitude contributed to a productive and engaging learning experience. Throughout the course, their enthusiasm and positivity have been inspiring. Their commitment to coaching the grassroots community will undoubtedly bring out the best in them and help develop the next generation of footballers in Singapore.” 



FAS Head, Coach Education and Development Mr Zainudeen Hassan concluded: “We are happy to have collaborated with the People’s Association to run this course for their volunteer coaches. Over the years, we have conducted numerous FAS Grassroots Coaching Course for them and we do have plans to conduct refresher courses for their volunteer coaches who took the course previously.”



Course participants will now proceed to complete 16 hours of attachment at football academies.





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