Coaching ● Mar 24, 2023

Conclusion of first Continuous Coach Education session for coaches in 2023



SINGAPORE, 24 MARCH 2023 – The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) Coach Education & Development (CED) Department recently concluded the first Continuous Coach Education (CCE) session for coaches in 2023, with the focus on Scouting and Recruitment.


Held on 15 March 2023, the 31 participants were introduced to the scouting and recruitment process by FAS Head, Talent Identification Kenneth Santa.


Some of the topics covered include how football organisations and clubs in countries such as Saudi Arabia, India, Qatar, England, and Denmark have implemented structured scouting processes, from grassroots to senior level, working with creating a common football language and understanding in a club/organisation and ideas to set up a workable top 3 reporting system within any football club.


One of the participants, Mr Mr Selvaraj s/o Vengadasalam (AFC ‘Pro’ Diploma Holder), told FAS: “One of the topics for this CCE session was about creating a common football language in the scouting process among football coaches in Singapore.


He added: “I’m happy to know that the Technical Department within the FAS is putting its trust in all football coaches in Singapore to create that common language. It’s the responsibility of every football coach in Singapore to identify talented players from all age groups for the development and achievement of the long-term vision for Singapore football.”


Fellow participant Mr Nur Muhammad Arif Bin Suberan (AFC ‘C’ License Holder) shared” “The CCE session was an eye-opening experience for me to understand what are the roles of the scouting and talent ID.


“It provided me with the opportunity to use the knowledge in future to narrow down players that I’m going to assess for my team in the near future while using a common football language among other coaches in Singapore. I’m looking forward to the next CCE session to expand my knowledge and learn new things from the FAS’s Coach Education & Development Department.”


FAS Head, Coach Education and Development Mr Zainudeen Hassan outlined the key difference in this year’s sessions compared to last year He said: “This CCE session and future sessions will be in line with the National Registry of Coaches and provide football-specific topics for coaches. We have received overwhelming response from the participating coaches and that is very encouraging.


“For coaches whom we couldn’t accommodate this time will be invited to the next run of this CCE session topic. We look forward to seeing our coaches taking part in all our future CCE sessions that will be organized once every two months.”




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