Coaching ● Nov 30, 2016

Emphasis On Coaches For Youths With FIFA Youth Development Course


The FIFA Youth Development Course, part of the Football Association of Singapore’s (FAS) ongoing efforts in training coaches, kicked off at the Jalan Besar Stadium on Tuesday, 29 November 2016 with youth coaches from the FAS Junior Centre of Excellence (JCOE) and Centre of Excellence (COE) programmes.

The course is led by FIFA Instructor Bob Browaeys who hails from Belgium. His vast experience from his excellent work in Belgium, which regularly produces world-class players, will be a key learning area for the course participants.

As the FAS continues to emphasise the importance of youth development, youth coaches are of vital importance. The FAS therefore seeks to regularly conduct courses for the coaches to educate and expose them to best global practices, such as from Belgium in this course. These courses, which are made possible with FIFA’s ongoing support to all Member Associations in the development of football, also act as a platform for the coaches to interact, share and network with each other.

Mr Browaeys commented: “Youth coaches are the future of Singapore football. Better coaches produce better players, and better players will improve football in Singapore. I am very pleased to share knowledge with them about the different aspects of youth development.”

In the opening segment, FAS Technical Director Michel Sablon shared the vision, mission and values of the FAS national football development plans with the course participants to highlight to them the importance of their role in youth development.

Mohamed Basir Ellaya Kutty, Head of Coach Education, reiterated: “This FIFA course is targeted specifically to coaches in our programmes for talented players, namely JCOE and COE. To optimise our Grassroots programmes, talented players are being scouted and channelled into these programmes. This is where the quality of coaching is very crucial in retaining and developing the young players. We are happy to have Bob to share his immense experiences in youth coaching and I look forward to exciting days ahead.”

Course participant Sofiyan Hamid said: “So far, it has been very informative on youth development and the Instructor has been very open in sharing his knowledge. I look forward to more input from him.”

Added fellow participant Tan Kiah Fook: “It is an eye-opener to see how the Belgian players were developed to be skilful from their youth to the National Team. I hope this course will help us to develop our youths to achieve the success the Belgians have enjoyed.”