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Course participants and officials from a FAS/AFC ‘A’ Diploma Coaching Course



The Football Association of Singapore/Asian Football Confederation (FAS/AFC) ‘A’ Diploma Coaching Course is an advanced coaching course that is designed for course participants to further develop their coaching competency and ability.


Course participants in this course will be able to know how to produce effective match analysis, know how to prepare/organize a team, know how to coach youth/amateur goalkeepers, know how to handle new technology and media matters, know about the team building process, know how to lead the staff team, and know how to use different leadership styles.


This course is targeted at coaches (18 years and above) who wish to pursue their coaching development and are committed to developing elite youth players aged between 17 to 21 years.


Minimum Entry Requirements:

Interested course participants must have a valid FAS/AFC ‘B’ Diploma (SG-Coach Level 2 Full Integration) or equivalent license and have at least one (1) year of relevant coaching experience as a FAS/AFC ‘B’ Diploma or equivalent license holder.


Interested course participants are required to submit a coaching curriculum vitae which highlights at least one (1) year of coaching in an amateur club or youth programme with young players aged between 14 to 16 years.


They are also required to submit at least 20 session plans from the past one (1) year of relevant coaching experience as a FAS/AFC ‘B’ Diploma (SG-Coach Level 2 Full Integration) or equivalent license holder. They may submit testimonials as supporting documentation.


Interested course participants are to be proficient in information technology and are required to be physically fit to participate in physical activities (such as passing and running with the ball) during the course. An interview session may be scheduled for interested course participants by the selection panel.


An example of a theory session by the Coach Developer


Course Summary:


The duration of the FAS/AFC ‘A’ Diploma Coaching Course consists of a total of 228 hours. The course is divided into in-course and post-course which consist of theoretical, practical, work experience attachment, and assessment components.


In-Course (5 Parts)
Theory Practical Assessments Work Experience Attachment
  • Philosophy
  • Technical Topics
  • Teaching Football
  • Training Sessions
  • Match Management
  • Periodisation
  • Performance
  • Match Analysis
  • Team Building
  • Fitness
  • Mentality
  • Leadership
  • Media
  • Club Management
  • Conduct
  • Laws
  • Recruitment
  • Communications
  • Teaching Football
  • Training Sessions
  • PerformancE
  • Dissertation
  • Season Plan
  • Football General Paper
  • Football Specific Paper
  • 2 x Practical Assessment
36 hours (9 x 3-hour sessions) of coaching attachment


  • 1 x Practical Assessment


An example of a course participant presenting before a practical session



Course participants who fulfilled all requirements of the course will be awarded a FAS/AFC ‘A’ Diploma Coaching Course certificate.


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