Coaching ● Jul 02, 2020

EXPLAINER: FAS/AFC ‘C’ Diploma Coaching Course


The Football Association of Singapore (FAS)/Asian Football Confederation (AFC) ‘C’ Diploma Coaching Course is a standalone course that equips participants with the knowledge and skills for coaching. It has full integration with SG-Coach Level 1.


This course is targeted at youths (18 years and above), volunteer-coaches and working adults who are committed to develop and coach young players aged between 7 to 13 years. 


Minimum Entry Requirements
Applicants must have attended the FAS Introductory Course, met the required competencies and have been recommended to take up the FAS/AFC ‘C’ Diploma Coaching Course. 


Course Summary


  • Prior to the face-to-face sessions, participants are required to attend e-learning sessions and take mock exams thereafter on SG-Coach Theory Level 1 and Foundation Sport Science (FSS)
  • Full attendance is required for the face-to-face sessions. There will be a competency assessment on SG-Coach Theory Level 1, FSS, an FAS Specific Paper, Laws of the Game and Coaching Competency
  • After the assessments, participants will be given the opportunity to embark on attachments

Participants are required to bring their own writing materials when attending lessons as you may need it for individual/group discussions, presentations, writing reports, etc.


Participants who pass their practical exams and clock their attachments hours will be issued with the FAS/AFC ‘C’ Diploma.


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