Coaching ● May 21, 2020

EXPLAINER: FAS Introductory Coaching Course


The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) Introductory Coaching Course is a standalone course that equips participants with the basic knowledge and skills for coaching. This course is a pre-requisite for the FAS ‘C‘ Coaching Certificate Course.


This course is targeted at youths (18 years and above), volunteer-coaches and working adults who aspire to pursue the FAS ‘C’ Coaching Certificate Course.


Course Summary
This course consists of a total of 32 hours, which comprises theory and practical components, as follows:


Organizing The Individual Coaching Session

Coaching Methodologies

The Coaching Processes

Warm Ups Drills

Technical Drills – Running With The Ball, Dribbling, Passing & Control

Small-sided Games


Participants are required to bring their own writing materials when attending lessons as you may need it for individual/group discussions, presentations, writing reports, etc.


Upon completion of the Course, participants who have met the required competencies will be recommended to take up the FAS ‘C’ Coaching Certificate.


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