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FAS/AFC ‘B’ Diploma Coaching Course (Part 4) concluded


Hairulnazri Hanafi and Subramani Shunmugham during a feedback session, December 2022


SINGAPORE, 11 DECEMBER 2022 – The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) recently concluded Part 4 of the FAS/Asian Football Confederation (AFC) ‘B’ Diploma Coaching Course.


Held from 1 to 6 December at ITE College Central, the 24 participants came under the mentorship of Lead Coach Developer, Mr Subramani Shunmugham and Assistant Coach Developer, Mr Loh Ngiap Tai. This followed on from Part 3, where they clocked in work experience at a youth programme.


Over the six days, participants were required to complete the following theory components: “Dissertation Presentation”, “Work Experience Presentation”, and “Theory Exams”. There were also practical sessions that were focused on preparing them for a practical assessment after this part. Former referee Sukbhir Singh, who hails from the FAS’ Referee Department, was also invited to conduct a presentation on “Ethics and Laws of the Game” to the participants.


The course was well received by the participants, who praised its clear and organised structure. They also felt that the course was well-paced and prepared them well for their practical assessments.


Sukhbir Singh giving his presentation, December 2022


Hairulnazri Hanafi told FAS: “The course ran in a progressive manner which gave us plenty of time to learn and equip ourselves with the latest coaching methods and practices. The course content also emphasised heavily on modern day football and the development of better coaches for better players. I felt my fellow course participants and I were well prepared by the time it came to our assessments, and no one was left behind.”


He added that the constructive comments he received from the Coach Developers helped him in assessing his personal progress throughout the entirety of the four-part course. “I appreciate that there were feedback sessions conducted with our Coach Developers a day after our practical assessment,” he said. “It gave us a chance to reflect and share with them what we felt we did well and what we felt we could have done better. This was crucial as it gave us insights on how we can better execute our next training session.”


Another course participant, Jeremy Chiang agreed. “I like that the course was broken down into parts which allowed us to digest and practice what we learnt in a comfortable pace,” he said. “With this arrangement, we also had the opportunity to be attached to Centre of Excellence clubs and got to experience the work behind the scenes and received valuable advice from the Head Coaches.”


Jeremy Chiang presenting his dissertation topic of Nutritional Plan during the course, December 2022


Lead Coach Developer Subramani said it was heartening to see the participants eager to expand their coaching knowledge. He shared: “‘Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve me and I learn’; throughout the FAS/AFC ‘B’ Diploma Coaching Course, the course participants were given ample opportunities to plan, facilitate and conduct the sessions. They showed great enthusiasm and willingness to share which made the course more enriching.”


Assistant Coach Developer Loh added that he hopes the course will benefit the participants throughout their coaching journey. “Peter Drucker said: ‘Leadership is the lifting of a man’s vision to higher sights, the raising of a man’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a man’s personality beyond its normal limitations’; I want to applaud each participant for their perseverance and willingness to learn throughout the course,” he said. “I believe the course has encouraged and challenged them in their growth as a coach and in turn, help them to be better leaders to their players. My best wishes to each of them as they embark on the next phase of their journey.”


Assistant Coach Developer Loh Ngiap Tai and Lead Coach Developer Subramani Shunmugham, December 2022


FAS Head of Coach Education & Development (CED), Mr Zainudeen Hassan concluded: “We are happy that the face-to-face component of the FAS/AFC ‘B’ Diploma Coaching Course is completed. The course participants will now go on to coach their respective teams and gear towards their reality-based third practical assessment of the course. Though most of the course participants have completed their work experience attachment, there are still some who are in the midst of completing their youth programme work experience attachment.


“CED would also like to extend their heartfelt gratitude to Balestier Khalsa FC, FootballPlus Academy, Hougang United FC and Lion City Sailors Academy for adopting our course participants during their work experience attachment. We look forward to conducting the next FAS/AFC ‘B’ Diploma Coaching Course (SG-Coach Level 2 Full Integration) early next year.”


Now that the course has concluded, participants will proceed to the next stage where they will have a practical assessment in their coaching environments within the next three months.




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