Club Licensing

Club Licensing was first introduced to the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) in 2011 as a list of basic criteria for S.League clubs to participate in Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Club Competitions such as the AFC Champions League and AFC Cup.

With the assistance of the AFC, Club Licensing has since grown in stature and is now a critical component in the strategic plans of the FAS for our clubs’ constant development and improved governance.

With the rebranding of our professional football league from the ‘S.League’ to the ‘Singapore Premier League’, there is a much greater emphasis on Club Licensing as this key developmental tool has become a fundamental consideration in key decisions that our clubs make and how they operate to improve the standards with the football eco-system in Singapore.


By implementing Club Licensing System, football clubs are benefitted by:

  • Developing strong governance and organisational structures
  • Implementing stable financial management and reporting
  • Improving technical standards of coaches and clubs
  • Increasing reliability, credibility and integrity of the clubs and league
  • Promoting and continuously improving the standard of football
  • Engaging qualified coaches
  • Encouraging youth development
  • Improving infrastructure facilities
  • Improving the clubs’ administration, management and organisation.
  • Raising economic and financial standing of the clubs through effective marketing and commercial exploitation.

List of Members in Club Licensing Administration:

Name Role
Aloysius Emmanuel Vetha MA Club Licensing Manager


List of Members in First Instance Body (FIB):

Name Role
Mr. Mohamed Muzammil Mohamed Chairman
Mr. Gerard Christopher Deputy Chairman
Ms. Tina Saw Tin Soo Member


List of Members in Appeal Body (AB):

Name Role
Mr. Aziz Tayabali Chairman
Mr. Balasubramaniam Janamanchi Deputy Chairman
Mr. Mahipal Singh Member



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FAS Club Licensing Regulations 2023