FAS ● Sep 22, 2018

FAS concludes 36th Annual Congress


SINGAPORE, 22 SEPTEMBER 2018: The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) today held its 36th Annual Congress at the Marina Bay Sands with FAS affiliates, stakeholders and partners as well as members of the media in attendance.


In his opening address, FAS President Mr Lim Kia Tong shared the key highlights in the past Financial Year, including the FAS’ focus on governance and stakeholder engagement, and the revamp to the Singapore Premier League. He also gave a brief overview of the projects that the FAS has in the pipeline for the coming Financial Year. His speech can be referenced here.


FAS President Mr Lim Kia Tong


Mr Lim concluded his speech saying: “In the past year, we have laid the foundations to achieve our shared goal for Singapore football, and in the coming year we will be fine-tuning our plans to ensure that we can make a positive difference in Singapore football and together, achieve our common goal of football excellence.”


South Avenue Sports Club’s sports secretary and team manager Mr Alim Omar congratulated the FAS on a successful Congress, saying: “It is an eye opener to see a well-presented Congress, and it was a great job by the administration. We also appreciate the concerted efforts by the FAS to further engage the stakeholders and I believe this can only get better and more inclusive and frequent to solicit feedback for the betterment of our game.”



A Governance Task Force was set up after the FAS Council was elected in April 2017 with the aim to restore good governance and integrity throughout the FAS system. Key measures implemented included decisions made to revise the approval powers of the President and General Secretary. The authority was moved to the Executive Committee (ExCo), relevant committees and the Council.


New regulations for the acceptance of donations were imposed, and it was made mandatory for the ExCo to be notified of donations above $50,000 and for the donations to be used solely for the benefit of Singapore football. The procedure for procurement was also centralised to enable greater oversight.


The above changes, along with those detailed in the Governance Report in the FAS Annual Report, have been in operation for several months and lay the foundation for a more accountable and well-governed FAS.


The next phase of work for the FAS in this area will be to help its Member Associates to raise their level of governance and accountability. This is in line with the Council’s manifesto when they were elected into office last April – to create a transparent FAS with a high standard of administration.


Stakeholder Engagement

The FAS embarked on increased stakeholder engagement in the past Financial Year. There was regular engagement with Singapore Premier League clubs chairmen and general managers, especially in the revamp to the Singapore Premier League. Opinions from current National Team players, former internationals and fan groups were also taken into account in an ongoing process to involve these key members.


Upcoming Projects

  1. FIFA Forward

The FAS are also onboard the FIFA Forward programme which supports Member Associations with grants for long-term football development. The funding will be used in the areas of infrastructure, competitions, capacity building, youth development and National Teams.


In the past Financial Year, the FAS have utilised the funding for football performance analysis software, and projects to develop FAS’ referees. Two more projects – Equipment and Technology Refresh and improve and upgrade the FAS headquarters – will be launched in the next Financial Year. The FAS will also be looking into using the funding for youth football (with a focus on schools), grassroots football as well as women’s football.


  1. Additional foreign player slot for Singapore Premier League next season

The FAS has mooted the idea of raising the foreign player quota from two players to three next season. However, there will be an age-restriction for the third foreign player.


Understanding the constraints faced by local clubs, the FAS will be able to offer assistance in linking clubs up with possible sources and connections.


  1. Continued engagement with schools

The FAS is looking at expanding the base of children playing football by increasing participation. Plans have been shared with the Ministry of Education who is supportive of together exploring ways to allow all school-going children to play football – regardless of whether their school has a football co- curricular activity.


  1. National Training Centre

The FAS and Sport Singapore (SportSG) are aligned to refresh and reenergise the football scene. SportSG updated us that the new Kallang Football Hub near Singapore Sports Hub is expected to be ready in phases by the third quarter of next year.


It will include, one full-sized natural sports turf pitch; two full-sized artificial turf pitches; one half-sized artificial turf pitch; four sheltered futsal pitches; a running track; and a gym. It will be the National Training Centre for National Teams across all age-groups, thus providing better quality sparring and competition simulations among teams.


It will host international tournaments for youths and division leagues in partnership with regional academies. Together with the ActiveSG Football Academy’s (AFA) programmes and milestone events, the Kallang Football Hub will add vibrancy to the overall football ecosystem.


A copy of the Annual Report can be viewed here.