FAS ● Sep 25, 2021

FAS concludes 39th Annual Congress with key regulation updates for 2022 season


Revised requirements for Under-23 players in the Singapore Premier League; FAS Judicial Bodies and Independent Committees elected to new term


SINGAPORE, 25 SEPTEMBER 2021 – The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) today held its 39th Annual Congress with its affiliates, stakeholders, partners as well as members of the media in attendance. The Congress was held virtually via a Live Webcast platform due to safe management measures stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.


In his address, FAS President Mr Lim Kia Tong shared the key highlights in the past Financial Year, including the safe resumption of the sport amid the pandemic and the progress made in various aspects of the ecosystem. Besides acknowledging the collective effort of the fraternity to overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic, he also announced several key revisions of competition regulations which are set to have an impact on the Singapore Premier League (SPL).


Key Announcements

One of the key topics announced at Congress was the revision of competition regulations for the SPL. When the SPL was revamped in 2018, there was an emphasis to provide a platform for younger players to have more playing time which led to the introduction of the Under-23 ruling in the league. Starting from the 2022 SPL season, clubs will only be required to field one Under-23 player, down from three Under-23 players. There will be no limit on the number of Under-23 players registered in the squad. As part of the league’s review, the revision will allow coaches more flexibility in player selection and increased opportunities in the form of more possible playing minutes. This will allow players to showcase their abilities in the league and to be scouted for the National Team.


The FAS will also be introducing a new policy that will incentivise the clubs to continue to prioritise and invest in the development of youth players. Under the new scheme, clubs will receive monetary rewards for developing youth players at the club level and receive further incentivisation for each of their Under-23 players who get called up to the National Teams.


Youth development efforts, which remain a key focus of the FAS, will be consolidated through dedicated youth leagues. Subject to prevailing circumstances, the leagues are slated to resume next year, after being suspended since 2020. The youth leagues will provide platforms for increased playing opportunities and a continued pathway for the development of more young players towards a career in top-flight professional football.


Election of Judicial Bodies and Independent Committees

The Judicial Bodies, comprising the Disciplinary, Ethics and Appeal Committees, Audit and Compliance Committee, Electoral Committee and Electoral Appeal Committee were also elected during the Congress. Of the 34 FAS Ordinary Members present at the virtual Congress, 31 valid votes were casted via proxy. Each Committee’s term will span four years, ending in 2025. The Appeal Committee sees two new members joining its ranks in Mr Alvin Tan and Mr Faizal Mohamed Ashraf, while Ms Rajvant Kaur and Mr Ng Cher Yan join the FAS Electoral Appeal Committee and FAS Audit and Compliance Committee, respectively.


Results of the Elections of Judicial Bodies and Independent Committees

FAS Electoral Committee 

Chairperson Mr Raymond Ng
Deputy Chairperson Mr Krishna R. Sharma
Member Mr Jason Aw


FAS Electoral Appeal Committee 

Chairperson Mr Michael Eu
Deputy Chairperson Mr Low Jin Liang
Member Ms Rajvant Kaur (new)


FAS Audit and Compliance Committee 

Chairperson Mr Jackson Yap
Deputy Chairperson Mr Samuel Panthradil
Member Mr Ng Cher Yan (new)


FAS Judicial Bodies – Ethics Committee

Chairperson Mr Jeffery Beh Eng Siew
Deputy Chairperson Mr Hamidul Haq
Members Mr Mannar Rajkumar
Ms Nurul Ain Binte Nordin


FAS Judicial Bodies – Disciplinary Committee

Chairperson Mr K. Bala Chandran
Deputy Chairperson Mr Intekhab Khan
Members Mr Andre Jumabhoy
Dr Chia Yih Woei
Mr Franco Radewaldt
Mr Ravindra Ramasamy
Mr Ruthra Ramamuthi
Mr Senthilan Selvarajoo
Ms Vivienne Lim Hui Bian


FAS Judicial Bodies – Appeal Committee

Chairperson Mr Abdul Salim Ahmed Ibrahim, PBM
Deputy Chairperson Mr Mathavan Devadas
Members Mr Alvin Tan Hock Wan (new)
Mr Faizal Mohamed Ashraf (new)



Admission of New Ordinary Members

Two clubs were granted Ordinary Membership status after receiving approval from the Congress. Geylang Serai Football Club and Woodlands Lions Football Club shall be entitled to all the rights for Ordinary Members set out in the FAS Constitution, which include voting rights at subsequent FAS Congress.


A copy of the FAS Annual Report (2020-2021) can be viewed here.