Coaching ● Sep 21, 2022

FAS conducts first workshop for SPL Fitness Coaches


Participants at the workshop for SPL Fitness Coaches on Monday, 12 September 2022


SINGAPORE, 21 SEPTEMBER 2022 – The Football Association of Singapore’s (FAS) Football Science and Medicine department recently conducted a workshop for Singapore Premier League (SPL) Fitness Coaches to share the FAS Physical Performance Framework and to exchange ideas on various topics including injury reduction methods and applied practices to increase the physical performance of football players.


This is the first time such a workshop was organised to support SPL clubs and performance specialists to raise the standard and understanding of Football Science here in Singapore.


More than 20 participants, all holding various technical roles across the eight SPL clubs, were in attendance at the FAS building on Monday, 12 September 2022. The one-day course was conducted by National Team Fitness Coach Jens Eiberger.


The German said: “The workshop was organised with the intention of bringing the SPL Fitness Coaches together to connect, interact and exchange ideas. The hope is that we will be able to build a thriving Fitness/Performance Coaching scene in Singapore which will ultimately benefit the entire football ecosystem.


“The fitness of our National Team players is dependent on the daily work put in place by all the performance specialists on the ground, not just at a senior level but also at a youth level. Thus, raising the standard of our local performance specialist will result in an improvement in physical performance across all levels.


“The feedback we received so far has been positive and we are exploring the possibility of holding more of such workshops every alternate month. It is important that we continue to work together to upskill each other.”


FAS Fitness Coach Jens Eiberger


Fitness Coach of Tampines Rovers Tan Guo Xiong added: “Knowing the methods and processes employed by the other SPL clubs was eye-opening as it helped to expand my knowledge and understanding of football science and I am grateful that FAS’ Football Science and Medicine department took time to organise this workshop.”


Head of Data Analyst at Lion City Sailors Academy He Qixiang added: “It was interesting to learn how the different clubs work around their limitations to employ some form of Borg Rating of Perceived Exertion monitoring for load management and injury prevention. The workshop definitely opened up very productive discussions on what clubs can do to improve the physical conditioning of players to push our National Teams forward.”


Plans are in the works for future workshops to address more topics related to football science including Athlete Monitoring, GPS Usage, Strength & Conditioning in Football, Speed Training, Recovery & Nutrition, Periodisation.


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