Coaching ● Mar 23, 2022

FAS Goalkeeping ‘C’ Certificate course conducted in March


 Mr Che Omar Ahmadulhaq (L) and participants at the FAS Goalkeeping ‘C’ Certificate course, 11 March 2022

The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) conducted a FAS Goalkeeping ‘C’ Certificate course earlier this month.


Over two weekends between 4 to 6 March and 11 to 13 March, Coach Developers, Mr Rameshpal Singh (FAS Head Goalkeeper Coach, GAS) and Mr Che Omar Ahmadulhaq (Goalkeeper Coach) mentored eight participants through the course syllabus at Geylang Training Centre.


The FAS Goalkeeping ‘C’ Certificate Course aims to provide participants with the understanding of coaching goalkeepers in technical, functional and integrated sessions. They get the opportunity to plan, prepare and deliver sessions with feedback from their peers and tutor to create a strong learning environment. It is targeted at those who wish to develop goalkeepers at the School Football Academy, School and Centres of Excellence level.


The course was conducted in line with the prevailing COVID-19 measures and all the participants were required to undergo ART testing before the start of each day’s session. Both theory and practical sessions were included on all days.


Current Lionesses goalkeeper, Beatrice Tan, said: “The past six days were challenging and super-intensive because it required me to step of out my comfort zone as I had to coach outfield players. However, at the same time, there were tons of takeaways from the course. Also, it was nice getting to know the other course participants and forge new friendships along the way. I am thankful for Coach Ramesh and Coach Ahmad’s guidance and for this opportunity to grow both as a goalkeeper and coach.”



Mr Lee Wei En said: “The FAS Goalkeeping ‘C’ Certificate Course adopts a holistic approach to help coaches develop a comprehensive understanding of goalkeeping. The theoretical and practical aspects of the course were delivered by experienced course instructors. Most importantly, the wealth of knowledge drawn upon from this course is highly applicable to the new generation of players. Hence, I would recommend this course to coaches who want to acquire relevant skill sets in the discipline of goalkeeping.”


Mr Muhammad Syazwan added: “It was an enriching course that would definitely help my coaching career in the long run. The coach developers have been helpful and were honest in their feedback to get the best out of the participants. This puts the future of Singapore football in the right direction. I would definitely encourage people to join the course whenever it is available. I would also take this opportunity to thank the Coach Developers for their effort and time to make this course a positive experience for me.”


The participants will now be required to hone the skills and knowledge acquired during the course, before being assessed by the Coach Developers within a six-month period to determine whether they will be certified to pass the course


Mr Ahmadulhaq concluded: “As Coach developers, I believe Coach Ramesh and I are very satisfied with how successful the course was. All the participants showed resilience and great desire in gaining goalkeeping knowledge. Hopefully, they can inspire future goalkeepers to reach their highest potential.”




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