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FAS conducts Grassroots Coaching Course for Republic Polytechnic students


Participants at the FAS Grassroots Course for Republic Polytechnic students, 4 September 2022

The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) recently concluded a FAS Grassroots Level Coaching Course over the past weekend for students from Republic Polytechnic (RP).


Twenty one participants – all students from the Diploma in Sports Coaching course – were in attendance at RP on 3 and 4 September. Organised in conjunction with Coaches’ Day, which took place last Thursday, the course was conducted under the mentorship of Coach Developers Mr Shasi Kumar and Mr Zainudeen Hassan.


Mr. Zainudeen, Head, FAS Coach Education and Development told “The collaboration between RP and FAS has been beneficial for both parties. RP’s Diploma in Sport Coaching students has shown potential to be good Grassroots Coaches and as assistant coaches in the various football academies. We look forward to working closely together in various other projects to benefit the football coaching community in Singapore.”


FAS Grassroots Coach Developer, Mr Shasi Kumar, speaking to the participants, September 2022


The fifth Grassroots course to be conducted this year, it covered topics such as Philosophy of Grassroots Football, Qualities of a good Grassroots Coach, Using SMILES to deliver a successful session and G.A.G Model.


Coach Developer Shasi praised the students and said: “They were a good group with a willingness and hunger to learn and absorb as much as possible during the two days. What they need to do now is to go out and get on the ground as much as possible as nothing beats the experience of being close to the kids on the pitch.”


The students’ lecturer, Mr Clement Chan, said: “This course provided the students with the opportunity to create positive experiences for children in football. The content allowed them to possess the skills to plan and conduct coaching sessions.  Throughout the course, students were enthusiastic and participated actively. RP hopes to have more of such courses conducted by the FAS in the future so that more students can learn about grassroots coaching.”



Maisurah Binte Muhammed, who is a part-time Diploma in Sports Coaching student, reflected: “This Grassroots Coaching Course helped me to learn how to adapt to changes, as we will be coaching different level of players at Grassroots level. The importance of Discipline of a coach and the SMILES theory was covered, and I am excited to execute what I have learnt and learn more from different coaches when I go in the field. Basically, we can only learn once we are on the ground and do it.”


Kumareshwaran, who is a second-year student, said: “The course was a great experience for me to understand the basics and fundamentals of coaching in football. Together with the skills needed to be a good football coach, the course also taught me the values and morals that a good football coach must possess, such as discipline and respect. This knowledge gained would help me in the future when I get on the ground to coach the kids.”



The next Grassroots Coaching course will be on 5 and 6 November 2022. Registration details will be released in the coming weeks.




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