Coaching ● Nov 14, 2022

FAS Grassroots Course concluded


Group photo at the FAS Grassroots Coaching Course, November 2022

The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) recently concluded the FAS Grassroots Coaching Course.


Held on 5 and 6 November at the Jalan Besar Stadium, the course was conducted for 40 members of the public, who had diverse coaching experience. The course was conducted under the mentorship of Coach Developers, Mr Herman Zailani and Mr Isa Haleem; two new and upcoming Coach Developers, Mr Abdul Musawir and Mr Hanafiah, were also given the chance to experience the running of a coaching course programme.



The course covered topics such as Philosophy of Grassroots Football, Qualities of a good Grassroots Coach, Using S.M.I.L.E.S to deliver a successful session, G.A.G Model and Emotions in Football. Participants also had to plan and deliver a session with constructive feedback from the Coach Developers. After the conclusion of the physical course sessions, participants are expected to complete 16 hours of attachment at football academies as a post-course assignment.


Sivakanesh Sanmugam, a 30-year-old participant, told that the course was helpful: “As a Physical Education teacher, this programme has given me the right tools to develop, improve and provide the best training experience at Grassroots level.”



Cristian Colacarro Gerimele enjoyed the process. “The great professionalism and expertise of our Coach Developers, combined with diversified course-mates, created a very stimulating environment where everyone could get a variety of perspectives, share experience and voice opinions in different scenarios,” said the Italian business program manager, 42. “My key learning is how to embrace a responsible coaching philosophy which revolves around developing the next generation of footballers.”



Siti Hafizah Binte Ismail, a 36-year-old, sports coach, added: “I had an engaging coaching session and learned different methods of coaching such as the G.A.G Model and Progressive Model and also applying the S.M.I.L.E.S concept, which is a good way to plan a successful session.”



Coach Developer, Mr Herman, said: “The Grassroots Course is perhaps the most important coaching course as we are looking to develop a wider base of children playing football. We need coaches who can connect with children and make them fall in love with the game. I’m heartened to see the enthusiasm of the participants and I hope they will go on and be involve in the game.”



“Emotions in football is a very interesting topic with key relatable moments to what is happening in global football,” Coach Developer Isa Haleem reflected. “It is always enriching to hear, share and discuss ideas on how to resolve certain issues positively and in return benefiting our youth athletes. We had an enjoyable course and wishing all participants a wonderful start to their coaching journey.”



Mr Zainudeen Hassan, FAS Head, Coach Education and Development, concluded: “As much as we develop young and aspiring coaches, it is the responsibility of Coach Education and Development Department to unearth and develop a new wave of Coach Developers and specialist topic presenters.  With our engaging and collaborative delivery-model, there is a shift in focus from isolated learning to a shared way of learning where knowledge is co-constructed and shared with the group. Through constant engagement and sharing of experiences and knowledge, both learners and Coach Developers can enhance the quality and quantity of learning outcomes. As we draw to the end of the year, we will take review and deliver more impactful and engaging courses for the years ahead.”




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