FAS ● Jun 26, 2023

FAS hosts inaugural VAR study tour for FAM, MFL and Astro representatives


FAS General Secretary Yazeen Buhari addressing the Malaysian delegation, 23 June 2023


SINGAPORE, 26 JUNE 2023  The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) hosted a delegation from the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) last week for a study of the implementation of the video assistant referee (VAR) system in the Singapore Premier League competition.


The Malaysian delegation that included representatives from the Malaysian Football League (MFL) and Malaysian broadcaster, Astro were welcomed by the acting President of FAS, Bernard Tan and FAS General Secretary Yazeen Buhari for the two day event held from 23 June to 24 June 2023 at the headquarters of the FAS at Jalan Besar Stadium.


The study tour came about because of the proposed implementation of the VAR system in the MFL. Being a close partner of the FAM as well as already having the VAR technology in place in its domestic professional league, the FAS was chosen for the study to assist the FAM in their study of the management and challenges arising from the implementation of VAR in the Singapore Premier League.


Referee Muhammad Taqi explaining on the various aspects of the VAR system, 23 June 2023


The FAM Referees Development & Professional Referees Manager, C Ravichandran outlined the aim of the study tour and the decision to learn from the FAS on the implementation of the VAR system, “We chose the FAS for the VAR study tour due to our existing strong partnership and because the English literacy will make it easier for FAM and MFL officials to analyse FAS’s experience with the implementation as well as the challenges of VAR in their football league.”


The 21-person delegation from Malaysia went through a series of presentations and discussions led by FAS Commercial & Marketing Director, Jonathan Wong. Abhishek Ravikrishnan, FAS’s Head of Production & Content, briefed the delegates on the broadcasting and VAR technology aspects while FIFA Referee, Muhammad Taqi, explained the role of referees in VAR operations.


Abhishek Ravikrishnan going through the broadcast aspects of the VAR system, 24 June 2023


Director of Referees (FAS) Nazeer Hussain shared on the benefits of the study tour, “With this study tour, we are able to share our experience and expertise in the management of the VAR system with other associations. Collaborations between our regional member associations can be beneficial for the development and continuous improvement of the VAR system in our respective leagues. We hope that in time to come, both football sports bodies (FAM-FAS) will be able to work more closely on VAR data sharing associated with the impact of VAR on the league, as well as the Joint Referees Training Program.”


FAM delegates observing Matchday Operations of the VAR, 24 June 2023


The Malaysian delegates ended the study tour with an actual On-Site VAR observation at the Production Control Room during the SPL Match between Brunei DPMM FC and the Young Lions at the Jalan Besar Stadium.


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