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FAS Introductory Coaching Course (Women’s) concluded


A participant leads a practical session as part of the course’s curriculum, February 2023


SINGAPORE, 13 FEBRUARY 2023 – The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) recently concluded the first ever FAS Introductory Coaching Course (Women’s).


Unlike other courses, this course was catered exclusively for females who aim to start their football coaching journey and aspire to or are committed to educating and developing players.


Held over two weekends at both the Jalan Besar Stadium and Geylang Training Centre, a total of 22 participants came under the mentorship of Lead Coach Developer, Mr Shasi Kumar and Assistant Coach Developer, Mr Hanafiah. Mr Toni Teo was also around as an Observing Coach Developer.


Lead Coach Developer, Mr Shasi Kumar (left) and Assistant Coach Developer Mr Hanafiah, February 2023


The first weekend of the course (14 and 15 January 203) covered the following topics:


Theoretical Topics:

  • Organising a Coaching Session
  • Coaching Methods
  • Coaching Processes


Practical Topics:

  • Running with the ball
  • Striking the ball


A theory session conducted by Assistant Coach Developer Mr Hanafiah, January 2023


The second weekend of the course (4 and 5 February 203) was focused on participants-led practical sessions where course participants worked in pairs to deliver a session plan.


Before doing so, the course participants had a consultation session with the Coach Developers to discuss and refine their session plan before putting it into action.


Each session was recorded for the pair to review before they received more feedback from the Coach Developers.


Participant Ms Mastura Bte Jeilani told “The course introduced both the theoretical and practical elements of coaching, with a focus on learning via practice.


“I gained a better understanding of how to identify my skills and shortcomings and how to make the most out of both. I’ve enjoyed the course and special thanks to the Coach Developers for their feedback and encouragement.”


Course Participant Matsura Bte Jeilani in consultation with Lead Coach Developer, Mr Shasi Kumar and Observing Coach Developer, Mr Toni Teo, February 2023


Fellow participant Ms Puah Jing Wen shared: “In addition to my new found knowledge of coaching techniques, I was also inspired to contribute to the growth and recognition of women’s football.


“I realised during the course that oftentimes, coaches tend to only draw examples from men’s players when coaching women’s teams. This lack of representation and visibility of female players is something I hope to change either through my projects in football such as Soccer Girl Goals or through discussions with players and coaches.


“My experience at the FAS Introductory Coaching Course has not only enhanced my coaching skills but also reinforced my commitment to promoting and empowering women in football.”


Participant Puah Jing Wen (in black) leads a practical session as part of the course’s curriculum, February 2023


Lead Coach Developer Mr Shasi Kumar said: “It was good to be part of the first-ever FAS Introductory Coaching Course (Women’s).


“Hopefully with more attention on women’s football in Singapore and rightfully so, we get to develop more women coaches. This is a good first step for these budding coaches, but still a long road ahead for them.”


Lead Coach Developer, Mr Shasi Kumar (first from left), January 2023



Mr Zainudeen Hassan, Head, Coach Education and Development at the FAS, said: “This particular course for female-only course participants was initially planned a few years ago. But we’re pleased to get this course organised after the COVID-19 outbreak.


“With the individual feedback given to the course participants, they will now go on to be attached to a qualified and approved coach to gain further guidance before they move on to take the FAS/AFC ‘C’ Diploma (SG-Coach Level 1 Full Integration) Coaching Course.”





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