FAS ● Dec 21, 2023

FAS lifts bans imposed on four individuals


SINGAPORE, 21 DECEMBER 2023 – The Council of the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) has lifted the lifetime bans on Manap Bin Hamat (“Manap”), Mizan Bin Ulot (“Mizan”), Abdul Malek bin Mohammad (“Malek”) and Zulkifli Kartoyoho (“Zulkifli”) after receiving their appeals.


The four individuals had each of their lifetime bans imposed on them at various points between 1995 to 1998 by the FAS Disciplinary Committee, an independent panel of the FAS.


Mizan had been found guilty of fixing two local club matches in 1995 while Manap and Abdul Malek were convicted for fixing games between Balestier Central FC and Tampines Rovers FC in 1997. They were eventually convicted and handed jail terms and monetary fines. Zulkifli, an ex-Singapore international player, was not convicted, but was given a life ban for conspiring with Manap and Malek.


In assessing the appeals by the four individuals, the Council – which is authorised to review such matters and has the power to revoke lifetime bans – adhered strictly to the FAS Constitution, such as to consider the circumstances of the violation and the punishment meted out by the court. After having thoroughly considered all of these factors, the Council decided to lift the bans imposed on Manap, Mizan, Abdul Malek and Zulkifli from ​21 December 2023. The Council had, among others, noted that in all four cases, each individual had already served over 25 years of suspension, in addition to their respective court-imposed sentences such as serving their jail terms.  The four individuals have also kept clean records since.


FAS President Bernard Tan said: “The FAS believe in the principles of fairness, justice, and the opportunity for redemption. The FAS Council had undertaken a thorough and comprehensive assessment of the appeals presented by Manap Bin Hamat, Mizan Bin Ulot, Abdul Malek bin Mohammad, and Zulkifli Kartoyoho, and after extensive consideration and discussion, the Council has decided to lift the lifetime bans imposed on them.


“This compassionate decision reflects our commitment to balancing punitive measures with a belief in the potential for rehabilitation, while reaffirming that our stance against match-fixing remains unwavering. The FAS is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of integrity within Singaporean football, ensuring a clean, competitive, and vibrant environment for all stakeholders.”




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