FAS ● Jan 24, 2024

FAS enhances match commissioner training with mentorship programme for 2024 season




SINGAPORE, 24 JANUARY 2024 – The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) conducted the FAS Match Commissioner (MC) 2 Seminar on 13 and 14 January in preparation for the upcoming season.


With participation from 40 individuals, encompassing a blend of newcomers and current MC 2 match commissioners, the course aims to equip them with the necessary skills to organize all FAS amateur competition matches in a professional manner. The MC’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, serving as the representative of authority for the FAS at games, administering the Player Start List, enforcing the Official Match Countdown, conducting official match procedures and protocols, and ensuring the successful completion of matches in accordance with relevant regulations, manuals, and directives.


In its second year, the Match Commissioner (MC) Licensing System maintains policies introduced last year. These include the demotion and promotion structure within the MC1 and MC2 tiers, special appointments for the top 2 MC 1s of the cohort, adjusted allowance rates, heightened assessment criteria, and a two-year license renewal period.



This year also marked the introduction of a mentorship program, pairing seasoned MCs with newcomers. In lieu of the increased number of matches, such as the inaugural Singapore Youth League (SYL) in February, this initiative enables new match commissioners to seek valuable guidance from their mentors, ensuring a consistent standard in the operational and administrative aspects of FAS-sanctioned matches.


Current MC2 participant, Chue Guo Xian, commended the organization of the seminar, stating: “The seminar was well organized with theory classes to cover the essential topics in a concise structure, and a practical session to allow knowledge learnt from the classroom to be applied at a stadium.”


Mr Azhary Yatim, who is currently a MC2, regarded the seminar as a “refreshing start to the new year,” emphasizing early preparation and the opportunity to share experiences. “Sitting alongside [the new participants] allows me the chance to empty my cup and to re-learn the basics,” he added.




MC2s also reacted positively to the newly introduced mentorship programme. Mr Azhary shared: “I started my journey by looking up to senior match commissioners and creating my own rapport with them. Thus, it is fitting that this new program gives us, current commissioners, a conducive environment to impart our knowledge and experience. It also [provides our] newer colleagues with better means to reach out to us should they need help or have queries. I hope this mutual relationship thrives and allows us to grow together and be proficient as a team.”


Mr Chue reflected similar sentiments, saying: “The program fosters a supportive learning environment, helping both existing and new match commissioners learn and navigate unique challenges on the ground, as well as improve our capabilities in managing football matches professionally.”


For the new participants, including former FAS referee Mr. Chiew Zhiming, the motivation is clear. Mr. Chiew expresses his commitment to continuing his contribution to the football fraternity: “While I may have stepped down as a referee due to injuries, I still want to contribute to local football through this new role as a match commissioner. I hope to be able to clock games and gain experience in preparation for promotion in time to come.”


Fellow newcomer Sharizal Salikin also shares a similar motivation. The son of former FIFA and AFC match commissioner Salikin Sarkawi, who served as a match commissioner for the Singapore Premier League between 2010 to 2023, aspired to follow in his father’s footsteps.



“Through the matches, the amount of work [my father] put into preparing match and post-match reports made me realise being an MC is much more important than many people knew. Thus, I wanted to be part of a team that takes pride in the roles and responsibilities, ensuring the smooth operations leading to a match being played that all can enjoy and also in the spirit of fairness and sportsmanship,” he shared.


For Shahrizal, he emphasized: “While promotion to the higher tier of a Match Commissioner is a natural progression that everyone, including myself, looks forward to when signing up, my goal is to learn and improve with each completed match.”


The next day, the participants completed two assessments, involving written evaluations covering incident reporting and theory, along with a proficiency test on the Football Management Platform (FMP) to round off the seminar. The FAS would like to thank all participants for taking their time to attend the seminar and participants will be notified of the outcome of the examinations in due course.




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