FAS ● Aug 20, 2021

FAS media statement on K Kannan


The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) understands that there was a social media post on the Facebook page of Jose Raymond dated 17th August 2021 which alleged that K Kannan, an ex-international, “had received a letter from the FAS after he was spotted playing social football with his friends, reminding him that he was not to partake in any football related activities either directly or indirectly”. The writer had chosen to attach an image of only the last two paragraphs of the FAS letter dated 12th August 2020 addressed to K Kannan. The writer had expressed that it “was preposterous, as an individual should be allowed to play football with his friends”.


The statement had given the incorrect impression to the public that the FAS had sent the said letter to K Kannan because he was found to be playing social football. Such an incorrect statement has led to unfair negative reactions against the FAS from the public.


The writer had left out the contents of paragraphs 2 and 3 of the said letter, which stated the reasons for its necessity, which are as follows:


“2.        It has been brought to the attention of the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) that you have been involved in football and football related activities despite the life ban on all football related activities imposed on you on 18th April 1995.


3. In particular, we are informed that you have been and are involved in football management and football activities (including as a player) at the Indian Association Singapore. “


As clearly stated in the letter from the FAS addressed to Mr. Kannan on 12 August 2020, the reminder was sent to him because he had been found to be involved in football management and football activities (including as a player) at the Indian Association Singapore following a complaint. This is in clear violation of the ban from all football activities that was imposed on K Kannan.


The FAS had responded to said complaint that K Kannan was involved in promoting football, in the running of football activities and in the organisation of various tournaments at the Indian Association Singapore. He was also alleged to have been involved as a referee during these tournaments.


K Kannan had submitted a total of three appeals to the FAS (twice in May 1999, then again in January 2002). Each time, his appeal had been carefully considered by the presiding FAS Council of the time and was duly rejected. K Kannan had also appealed to the Asian Football Confederation to have his ban lifted in May 2000. That was also rejected. Hence, he is not unfamiliar with the ban imposed on him. Thus, when the complaint was received, it was incumbent on the FAS Council at that time to write to K Kannan to inform and to remind him of the ban on football related activities imposed on him.


The FAS acknowledges that it has received Mr. Kannan’s latest appeal submitted by his solicitors Messrs Eugene Thuraisingam LLP on 13 August 2021 and the matter is currently undergoing the due process. As such, except for the clarification mentioned above, it would be inappropriate for the FAS to make any further comment on this matter until an official decision has been made by the current FAS Council upon the completion of the due legal process.