FAS ● Jun 23, 2023

FAS launches initiative to help players transition to life after football


 Professional players can look forward to receiving support in areas such as finance, education and career development as they transition into post-playing lives


About 30 national and SPL players such as Lions caption Hariss Harun, Madhu Mohana, Vincent Bezecourt and more attended the three-day workshop.


SINGAPORE, 23 JUNE 2023 – In an effort to assist National Team football players with their retirement plans well in advance before they make the decision to hang up their boots, the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) has established a new initiative called the FAS Players’ Concierge.


Launched on the sidelines of the three-day UEFA Career Assist Workshop that was held in Singapore from 20 – 22 June 2023, the FAS Players’ Concierge is a support system that empowers retired football players with the necessary tools to support their growth beyond their playing careers, as well as support the budding careers and livelihood of current players.


Baihakki sharing about his new FAS Players’ Concierge Initiative, 22 June 2023. 


The brainchild of Baihakki Khaizan, himself a former Singapore international with 140 appearances for Singapore, the FAS Players’ Concierge comprises of six pillars – International Cap Bonus, Scholarship Credits, Job Opportunities, Education Partnership, Coaching Pathways and Overseas Support – which are meant to address the needs and concerns of professional football players who are looking to make the career transition from the pitch to off the pitch.


Hariss Harun and Nazrul Nazari are some of the national players who attended the session, 22 June 2023. 


In essence, the six pillars can be summarised as follows:


  • International Cap Bonus: Recognizing the achievements of players based on the number of international caps they have earned; this pillar offers a bonus system. For instance, players who have earned more than 50 caps will receive cash incentives.



  • Scholarship Credits: This pillar focuses on providing educational opportunities for ex-players. It offers scholarships specifically aimed at enhancing their skills and knowledge through further education, enabling them to pursue personal and professional growth.



  • Job Opportunities: The FAS Players’ Concierge aims to connect ex-players with various sectors, facilitating job opportunities and professional networking. This pillar seeks to support players in finding meaningful employment beyond their playing Tapping the expertise of government agencies will help facilitate workplace placements for footballers, leveraging their unique skills, experiences, and networks. Special thanks are extended to both Workforce Singapore and SkillsFuture Singapore, for their valuable services rendered as part of the UEFA Assists Program.



  • Education Partnership: Collaborating with Republic Polytechnic, this enables ex-players to fast- track their educational journey by providing diploma programs. The initiative seeks to equip players who wish to further their education prospects with academic qualifications that will enhance their career prospects and personal



  • Coaching Pathways: This pillar offers tailored programmes to becoming certified coaches by providing a more efficient and supportive process for ex-players pursuing coaching



  • Overseas Support: This pillar focuses on aiding current international players who may be facing challenges while playing overseas. Support can range from accommodation arrangements to financial aid, aiming to alleviate potential difficulties faced by players who wish to play


Said Baihakki: “During our playing careers, we do not have the time to actually look into other options, and once we decide to retire, we might find ourselves unsure what to do next. Through the FAS Players’ Concierge, I hope this initiative can serve our national players, both current and former, by guiding and equipping them with the necessary tools to prepare for life after football. In the long run, I want to assure the public, especially parents of aspiring footballers of the next generation, that football can be a viable career which does not end once they hang up their boots.”


Mr Raymond Cheong from Republic Polytechnic, 22 June 2023. 


Raymond Cheong, who is the Programme Chair, School of Sports, Health and Leisure of the Republic Polytechnic (RP), weighed in with his views on the initiative: “The FAS Players’ Concierge is a good step forward to supporting the welfare of the players after they decide to transition into other careers after football. We at RP are looking forward to work together with Baihakki and provide a platform for our national players to develop themselves holistically through a wide range of courses we offer which would be a natural progression.”




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