Replies to Media ● Oct 14, 2015

FAS‚Äô Reply to Media Queries on Khairul Amri’s Injury Sustained during the Singapore vs Cambodia WCQ Match


Nurhafizah Sujad, senior physiotherapist:

“Amri visited the specialist today, and is estimated to be out for a period of 3-4 weeks. He suffered a strain at one of his hamstring muscles, but there was no obvious tear.

“He will now undergo intensive physiotherapy with active rehabilitation. After the second scan, he will hopefully be able to progress to straight line jogging in about two weeks, followed by on-field rehab if all goes well.”



Khairul Amri:

‚ÄúI am disappointed to be injured at such a critical point of the season, especially since team spirit is high and all the players and officials are working well together. This unexpected injury late in the first half is particularly disappointing, but injuries are part and parcel of the game. I’m sad I can’t play for the next few weeks, but I’ll just focus on recovering well now. Thanks to my coaches, teammates, fans and the management for their words of support and encouragement. I look forward to coming back to action soon.‚Äù