Replies to Media ● Mar 01, 2014

FAS’ reply to Media Queries on Safuwan Baharudin winning the ST Athlete of the Year Award


“I see Safuwan possessing a lot of top qualities, namely stamina, speed, football intelligence, finishing skills and brilliant heading ability; qualities that are needed for a higher level of football. With hard work, he can become a great defensive midfielder, as by sitting in front of the defence, he can utilise all of his qualities. It might be difficult for Safuwan to play as a central defender in Europe at the moment, as centre-back is a position that requires strength and bulk; he is currently a bit too light to handle strong European strikers. Other than bulking up, he will also need to adapt to the higher speed of passing to become even better.

I do not think Safuwan should settle down in one position as of now. He is only 22, and it is good for his football development to be playing in different positions. Safuwan is also a very positive player who never complains about his playing position, and being so positive and adaptable to different positions will stand him in good stead. There are not many players who are as adaptable as Safuwan, who is comfortable playing in different positions and coaches around the world are always looking for players who can play in more than one position.

Safuwan’s talent needs to be complemented with lots of hard work, but I believe he knows how much hard work is necessary to be ready for top European football. I believe he is on the right path to achieving his footballing dreams.”

– Coach Bernd Stange, Head Coach, Singapore National Team