Replies to Media ● Jul 12, 2013

FAS’ reply to media queries on the Courts Young Lions


One of our goals in the FAS Strategic Plan is to prepare our National U-23 team to win the 2015 SEA Games gold medal. We are taking a phased approach in preparing for the 2013 and 2015 SEA Games. Our focus at present is to prepare and send a strong and competitive team to the 2013 SEA Games, and preparations for this squad began a few years ago. Out of 39 players in our provisional 2013 SEA Games squad, there are 20 players eligible for the 2015 edition of the SEA Games.

In addition, we are also pleased by the emergence of several promising young talents in our National Football Academy Under-16 and Under-15 teams – as highlighted by several leading coaches whose teams had participated in recent editions of the Canon Lion City Cup. This will further expand our pool of players who will be considered for the 2015 edition of the SEA Games.

Like the LionsXII, the Courts Young Lions team is supported by a strong backroom staff setup which includes a fitness coach, physiotherapist, team manager – all of whom are full-time employees. In addition, the Courts Young Lions backroom setup also includes a goalkeeper coach, sports trainer and kitman, who are employed on a regular part-time basis. Like any other club, we hope to expand the backroom staff setup for both the LionsXII and CYL once we secure additional funding and resources.

In this specific case, Mr Asadullah Mohd was assigned to cover the duties (of a staff who had resigned) during the transition period. Following the recruitment of a replacement for that particular position, Mr Asadullah Mohd has since returned to his post at the Development & Planning department. It should be noted that Mr Asadullah Mohd relinquished the post of Acting Head of Referees upon assuming the post of CYL Team Manager in February this year.

Like any other organisation, it is not our policy to comment on personnel matters of specific employees. However, it suffices to say that we always take a serious view of any lapses and as per our standard operating procedures, we will always advise and counsel the individual staff and assist him to learn from the lapses and continue to contribute to the Association. At the same time, FAS, like any forward-looking organisation, is always taking steps to improve and strengthen our processes.

Understudying national team head coach Bernd Stange is part of the development programme to enhance the capability and capacity of local coaches, including Aide Iskandar. The Courts Young Lions team will also benefit from Aide’s enhanced experience and knowledge gained during his time with the National Team.

Apart from National Coach Bernd Stange, Aide – like any head coach of our age-group teams – also works closely with his (the Courts Young Lions in this case) coaching team which includes Assistant Coach S. Subramani in preparing the team prior to, and during, his absence.

The current Courts Young Lions comprises of players mainly below the age of 21 are participating in the S.League as their first phase of preparations for the 2015 SEA Games. We will announce the next phase of preparations in due course.

While the young players in the CYL are encouraged by their recent performances where they registered wins in the StarHub League Cup over Tampines Rovers FC and Warriors FC as well as having achieved a recent draw with Albirex FC in the S.League, they are aware that there is still a lot of hard work ahead and they remain committed to continuous improvement so as to do our nation proud at the 2015 SEA Games.