Replies to Media ● Feb 12, 2014

FAS’ reply to Media Queries on the new Jalan Besar Stadium pitch (“sun-burnt” appearance of turf)


The “sun burnt effect” that the writer cites in his email is due to the infills used for the new Jalan Besar Stadium pitch, ie. coconut husk, as compared to the old pitch which used recycled tyres.


The writer could have been given the impression of a “sun-burnt effect” due to the appearance of a patch of floating coconut husk residue forming at certain areas accumulated, either after pitch watering or rain.

Where performance is concerned, the residue does not cause any deterioration to the pitch. Over time, the effect of the coconut husk residue will wear off with regular maintenance, and will not affect the aesthetics of the new turf. With the new infills, the new turf will also have a cooler surface temperature, which was one of the criteria used in selecting the new pitch.