Replies to Media ● Dec 12, 2014

FAS’ reply to media query on spexCareer Scheme


FAS/S.League embarked on a Life After Football project in mid-2014 with the intent of assisting and preparing professional footballers for a second career after football. The project hopes to subsidise footballers for studies at approved institutions and courses. In addition, FAS/S.League has also linked up with corporate partners and companies to help former footballers find new employment.

FAS also has a grant scheme that current and former national footballers can tap on if they want to further their studies. The grant amount is pegged at $4,000 for 25 caps, and increases progressively for 50, 75 and 100 caps.

We are happy to hear that Sport Singapore is open to assisting footballers under the spexCareer Scheme as well, and look forward to working together with them for the benefit of Singapore footballers.