Replies to Media ● Apr 16, 2017

FAS’ Reply To Media Query Regarding AFF Football Management System And Tiong Bahru FC’s Donation To AFF


On FIFA Connect and the AFF Football Management System

“The FAS did not support the ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) Football Management System financially. This was a donation from Tiong Bahru FC to AFF, not FAS. The FAS only served to facilitate the donation. At no time did FAS donate to the AFF.

“FIFA Connect and AFF Football Management System are two different management portals. FIFA Connect is a database management system which supports FIFA Member Associations, including FAS, in registering our stakeholders in a systematic way. This online portal was launched by FAS in 2015, and the full details of our players and other football stakeholders were registered during the first few phases of the programme. Among other benefits, the programme has enabled us to establish a central paperless platform for the issuance of player passports, which streamlines processes and also leads to enhanced efficiency and convenience for our stakeholders.

“The AFF Football Management System, on the other hand, is a different online resource management portal that was conceived by the AFF with the key goal of raising the capabilities and capacities of the Member Associations (MAs) and Clubs in various aspects of football management ‚Äì including but not limited to sponsorship management, information technology, communications, corporate governance, human asset management, risk management and coach education. One of the benefits of this portal will be capability and capacity development ‚Äì with insightful, professional and quality football management solutions which will enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of MAs and Clubs in this region including Singapore.”


– FAS spokesman 



On Tiong Bahru FC’s donation to AFF

“Again, the FAS did not donate the money to the AFF. The decision to donate was made by Tiong Bahru FC.   As to whether the funds could have been better channelled for local footballing activities, that question should be directed at the donor who made the decision to donate the sum of money.

“Donations are voluntary, and donors usually contribute to a cause they support and believe in.

“It is clear that the amount of $500,000 was never meant to be donated to the FAS or any Singapore footballing activity. This was not a case of FAS accepting a donation and thereafter channeling the amount to AFF instead of using it for local football.

“As this was a donation from Tiong Bahru FC to AFF, it was never raised in any council meetings. The FAS acceded to the request of Tiong Bahru FC to help facilitate the donation to AFF and this was the extent of FAS’ involvement.

“FAS is registered as an Institution of Public Character (IPC), defined by the Commissioner of Charities.

“The $500,000 donation from Tiong Bahru FC to AFF is not a qualifying donation for tax purposes. Hence FAS has complied with Singapore tax regulations and did not issue any tax deductible receipt to Tiong Bahru FC for this said donation.

“We would like to categorically state that any claim of Tiong Bahru FC or Hougang United FC having donated $850,000 to FAS is inaccurate.

“As pointed out earlier, Tiong Bahru FC had donated $500,000 to the AFF and not to the FAS or any Singapore footballing activity. In addition, the donation of $200,000 to the LionsXII (for the 2012 campaign) came from a company whom Mr Ng had introduced to FAS,  and not from him directly.

“He had supported the FAS through the Charity Golf Day and other events which raised approximately $15,000.

“We are transparent in our processes and dealings with our stakeholders, and all donations and sponsorships from our partners are recorded and accounted for.

“In the interest of transparency, Mr Ng ought to show audited accounts that he or his clubs had donated $850,000 to the FAS over the past few years. The FAS is prepared to show our audited accounts as soon as Mr Ng can verify his claim.” 


– FAS spokesman