Replies to Media ● Apr 04, 2017

FAS’ Reply To Media Query Regarding Appeal Process For Elections


“Since the matters have already been decided upon by the Electoral Committee, it is not proper for the Committee to make any comments on this issue so as not to prejudice any possible appeals to the Appeals Committee.‚Äù

“As the date for nominations has closed, no further nominations can be accepted.‚Äù

“The Appeals Committee will consider any appeal which is lodged. The decision of the Appeals Committee will be final.‚Äù

“Pursuant to the provisions as stated in the Electoral Code, each voting member can only vote for one(1) candidate during each round of voting, with the candidate getting the least amount of votes in each round being eliminated from the next round of voting.” 


– Mr K. Bala Chandran, Chairperson of the Ad Hoc Electoral Committee