Replies to Media ● Jun 11, 2017

Fas’ Reply To Media Query Regarding Argentinian Players’ Absence From Friendly


1. Was the FAS previously told by UNICESS that these players would be part of the game?


2. There have been calls from those who bought tickets for refunds or some form of compensation as these players were previously promoted as attractions for the game. What is FAS’s response to that? Has the FAS discussed with UNICESS about this issue?

We had discussions with UNICESS yesterday after they informed us of the players’ withdrawal. Ultimately, as they are the match promoter, commercial decisions are made by them. That said, we do understand the fans’ frustrations and the difficult situation UNICESS has been put in by the late withdrawals. It is not easy for them to find a satisfactory outcome as such matches are extremely expensive to put together. 

3. Is FAS concerned that sales of tickets will be affected by the withdrawal of these players?

While we share everyone’s disappointment over the issue, we hope that football fans are still excited to see one of the best teams in the world take on our boys in what is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

4. What is FAS’s response to criticism of how the match was promoted? I.e with the use of Messi and Higuain’s image and name as a promotional tool, when it turns out it was not confirmed that they would be coming.

UNICESS had relayed to us that the Argentinian Football Association only informed them yesterday of the players’ withdrawals. When they started promoting the match weeks ago, they sincerely believed that the players would be participating in the match. 


– FAS spokesman