Replies to Media ● Apr 14, 2017

FAS’ Reply To Media Query Regarding Donation And The AFF Football Management System


On the donation of $200,000 to the LionsXII

“Like many other organisations, the Football Association of Singapore undertakes budget preparations on an annual basis. As part of the planning and budgetary process, we will ensure that our sponsorship and fundraising campaigns, including donations, are consistent with our projects, programmes and activities which have been lined up for the specific period.

“Prior to the commencement of the LionsXII‚Äôs inaugural season, FAS sought revenues through various means including but not limited to sponsorships, donations, grants, and corporate partnerships and tie-ups.

“As part of our standard operating procedure relating to a new programme or project, we approached corporations, partners and individuals to seek their support towards the LionsXII. Mr Bill Ng was among the individuals whom we had approached for referrals. He subsequently introduced a company which donated an amount of $200,000 to the LionsXII‚Äôs campaign for the 2012 season. The cheque was issued to FAS in November 2011 ‚Äì some six weeks before the LionsXII kicked off their inaugural season. Hence, we are baffled by claims that the budget for the LionsXII had “overrun”, and that was why we had approached Mr Ng. This certainly was not the case.

“While we sought to raise revenues to support the LionsXII’s inaugural season, we had also communicated to our sponsors and donors that the S.League will always be our focal point as it is the heartbeat of Singapore football. This is why we ensured that we secured an increase in funding and subsidy for our clubs before we entered the partnership agreement with FAM in 2011. These two key points were shared with the company whom Mr Ng had introduced to FAS and which donated $200,000 to the LionsXII’s 2012 campaign.” 


– FAS spokesman


On the AFF Football Management System

“The Asean Football Federation (AFF) Football Management System was conceived by the AFF in 2014 with the key goal of raising the capabilities and capacities of the Member Associations and Clubs in various aspects of football management including information technology, corporate governance, human asset management, and coach education.

“Pooling resources will allow the region to support each other in tackling key common challenges and also to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the MAs in the management of key areas such as Corporate Governance, Risks Management, Players & Teams Management, Club Management etc. The pooling of resources will lead to the establishment of a stronger management system that will ultimately benefit all the MAs in this region, including Singapore.

“FAS has in place strong corporate governance practices which ensure transparency and accountability in our activities – and this is evident from the results of our audit reviews conducted by external parties. In fact, FAS was among the charities which were recognised in 2016 for their exemplary disclosure and transparency practices with the inaugural Charity Transparency Awards (CTA).

“We are transparent in our processes and dealings with our stakeholders, and we are prepared to share the documents relating to this subject (ie. on the donation by Tiong Bahru FC to AFF) with the relevant parties.

“We will not condone any attempt to cast a doubt on the integrity of the Association, and we reserve all our rights in this regard.”


– FAS spokesman