Replies to Media ● Apr 26, 2017

FAS’ Reply to Media Query Regarding Election Mechanics


1. Will any reports be presented ahead of the meeting? Will the teams be allowed to address the affiliates before the voting takes place? Or will the voting commence once registrations are done?

“There will be no reports. The meeting is only to hold the elections. As such voting will commence once the registration is completed and Congress commences.”


2. Will it be a straight vote between the 2 slates? That is, voters must choose 1 slate or the other in whole?

“Each Ordinary member will choose 1 Slate in whole.”


3. If there is no 2/3 majority, it will go to re-vote immediately? Or will affiliates be given time to speak to the clubs in an attempt to sway them?

“If there is no 2/3 majority in the first ballot, a second ballot will be conducted immediately.”


4. How many vote counters are there? And how many scrutineers?

“The counting will be by the EC and any appointed counter. There will be two scrutineers.”


5. Will a Fifa representative also be there together with someone from Sport SG?

“FIFA and Sport SG representatives will attend as observers.”


6. Can clubs nominate anyone to be their representative in the vote? Or must the representative be a member of the affiliate’s exco?

“Each ordinary member can nominate up to two representatives as delegates who are members of their clubs to attend. Only one delegate will be entitled to vote.”


7. Do the clubs have to tell FAS who their representative is before the election? Is this done on the day itself or beforehand? If so, how many days beforehand?

“The Ordinary Members have submitted the names of the delegates attending.” 


– Mr K. Bala Chandran, Chairman of the Ad Hoc Electoral Committee