Replies to Media ● Apr 06, 2017

FAS’ Reply To Media Query Regarding Email Circular Sent To NFL Clubs


‚ÄúThe FAS Competitions Division sent out an email last night to all NFL clubs to provide them with an update on the status of NFL player insurance coverage. This is an issue which was brought up repeatedly by NFL clubs during previous NFL meetings in September last year and also February this year, where they sought the assistance of then-FAS Provisional Council President Mr Lim Kia Tong to help secure more funding for the NFL through sponsorship and other fund-raising initiatives. 

‚ÄúAs part of the FAS’ day-to-day operations, we needed to provide an update to all NFL clubs on this matter and the contents of the email are factual. It should not be seen as ‚Äòelectioneering‚Äô on the part of the FAS secretariat.‚Äù



– FAS spokesman