Replies to Media ● Jan 08, 2016

FAS’ Reply To Media Query Regarding Girls’ Cubs Festivals


“The Festivals aim to promote football to more girls and encourage them to join the three existing FAS all-girls’ Cubs Centres. There is more than enough room catered for each Festival, so we hope to attract as many participants as possible from the primary schools around each of these three Cubs Centres. They will be able to enjoy fun game stations with drills taken from our FAS Grassroots Manual, such as ‘Live Clock’ and ‘King’s Ball’.

“We are certainly open to having more of such Festivals, and would be happy to organise them at any school willing to start an FAS Cubs Centre at their school. The Cubs Programme gives children the opportunity to establish unique life skills, pick up the habit of leading a healthy lifestyle and learn positive character-building values such as good discipline, respect, tolerance and teamwork. These are all skills which are compatible with what schools want their students to learn, so we believe there is great synergy there.”