Replies to Media ● Aug 03, 2017

FAS’ reply to media query regarding online racial abuse against referee


“The racist abuse that our FAS referee Sukhbir Singh received online recently has no place in the world of football. The FAS condemns such abuse and takes a very strong stand against it. Discrimination of any kind against a person on account of race, skin colour or ethnic origin is strictly prohibited and punishable by the provisions of the FIFA and AFC statutes.

“While we understand that football is a passionate and emotional game, we must show restraint when it comes to our criticism of players, coaches and officials.

“Racial abuse of any sort, whether it is on the pitch, from the stands or in the online space, cannot be tolerated. If it is a coach, player or official making such racial abuse, they can be subjected to bans and suspensions. Fans can have their season pass revoked.

“Furthermore, we will not hesitate to report the culprits to the authorities for their action.

“The FAS also stands with organisations such as Kick It Out who are dedicated to eradicating racism and discrimination from football. Should they require our assistance, we are ready to provide them with any help they need in their investigations on the racial abuse that Sukhbir received.

“Fans should understand that many of our referees and officials are volunteers and they sacrifice a lot of their personal time because of their love for the game. They are free to criticise performances, but we must draw a line when it comes to race and religion.”


– Lim Kia Tong, FAS President