Replies to Media ● Jul 20, 2016

FAS’ Reply To Media Query Regarding The 2010 YOG Football Team


“Youth teams are generally developmental sides; rejuvenation and renewal of teams across the different age-groups is part and parcel of football at the developmental level all over the world, not just in Singapore. I’ve been told that about three quarters of the 2010 YOG team is still playing football, which is a good number.



“Between the ages of 18-21 is a very important stage for footballers. It is good that we have the Garena Young Lions project to help bridge this gap, but more can be done. TD and I are currently working on plans to address this issue.


“At FAS, we are committed to building a holistic top-class training environment. We unveiled a comprehensive youth development blueprint recently to strengthen efforts towards nurturing and widening our pool of promising football talents. With continued investment in areas such as facilities, we will be able to develop more players which will ultimately benefit the National Team.



“I have confidence the Under-21 players are all motivated to put in their best efforts for the tournament. The boys have shown great fighting spirit. Players such as Adam Swandi, Joshua Bernard Pereira and Rusyaidi Salime have shown they can craft those special moments on the pitch which could give us that extra edge in matches.”

– Richard Tardy, Head Coach, National Youth Team