Replies to Media ● Aug 03, 2016

FAS’ Reply To Media Query Regarding The Results Of The Cambodia Friendly


“I thought it was a good game, very exciting. I believe we were very unlucky today; we had a number of chances, especially when the ball hit the crossbar and the posts, and there were a few sitters that we missed. Cambodia did very well. I think we had better possession, but like I said we were very unlucky and we didn‚Äôt take our chances.

“We believe that the second goal by Cambodia was offside, because we were there. But football is like that, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. I thought that Cambodia had a fighting spirit and did very well. But we have to really look at ourselves also; we should have finished the chances that we created.

“Generally we could have done better. I thought we did very well in terms of ball circulation and transition. Cambodia was better at transition and attack, but we managed to contain their attackers.

“We are trying new players; as you can see there are so many new players there, and we are still missing our key players who are playing overseas. Players like Safuwan, Hariss, Hassan Sunny, Baihakki and Shahril. We are giving the opportunity to others, but our objective is to try to give our younger players a chance, which we did. And of course Cambodia also played very well.

“At the end of the day, the result matters but we believe we had a good game today, and with all the chances that we had, we shouldn‚Äôt have lost ‚Äì at least a draw. I don‚Äôt think Cambodia had more chances than Singapore. We had three hit the crossbar, three sitters… Hopefully we can get better before the next international game.”

– Coach Fandi Ahmad