Replies to Media ● Nov 21, 2017

FAS’ reply to media query regarding youth teams at AFC tournaments


Management of youth teams

“Players and officials involved in disciplinary issues or the mismanagement of teams have been dealt with seriously in accordance to the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) Code of Conduct. For more severe cases, matters will be referred to the Disciplinary Committee, as with past cases.

“Players whose infraction adversely affects the team and the outcome of the game will share a portion of the fine incurred due to his infringement during a tournament. Such incidents are also taken into consideration by the technical team on the player’s subsequent participation and/or future selections for tournaments.”


2018 AFC U23 Championship qualification

“The FAS incurred some fines from the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) during the 2018 AFC U23 Championship qualification for infringements including delaying both the match kick-off time and the second half kick-off.”


2018 AFC U19 Championship qualification

“The FAS does not condone any ungentlemanly behaviour that taints the name of our sport and brings it into disrepute. However, the FAS will be putting in an appeal on the incident at the post-match handshake during the 2018 AFC U19 Championship qualifier match against Mongolia based on observations from our video recording.”


    – Mr S. Varatha Rajan, General Manager, Youth Development/JCOE