Replies to Media ● Nov 29, 2018

FAS’ response to Admiralty CSC and Kembangan United FC disciplinary case


“The Football Association of Singapore’s Disciplinary Committee (FAS DC) is a judicial body which is an independent body elected by The Congress to make decisions, inter alia, on disciplinary infringements. The decisions relating to the charges of violence brought against the club and players of Kembangan United FC and Admiralty CSC are several of those decisions made by the FAS DC. The decisions are published in the FAS website.


“The reasons for the making of the various decisions with regard to the club and players of Kembangan United FC and Admiralty CSC are found in the grounds of decisions which the FAS DC will provide to the parties concerned should there be an appeal against any of the decisions. Unless and until the grounds of decisions are provided, the FAS would not have the official reasons of the FAS DC for the respective decisions.


“However, FAS had and will continue to make its submission at the FAS DC hearing for deterrent punishments for cases of violence before, during and after a match.


“Although the number of cases of violence has gone down in the National Football League (NFL) in the 2018 season, it has not disappeared totally thus marring the positive image of the NFL which FAS is trying its best to strengthen and to cement.


“The disciplinary mechanisms are in place to ensure that the NFL clubs, their officials and players conduct themselves well in all aspects. The FAS DC has been meting out harsh punishments to violators and if the severe punishments do not achieve its purpose, FAS will make the appropriate submission to the DC for even harsher punishments which may include a ban from all football activities. Violence has no place in football and FAS will continue to look at ways to put a complete end to it.”


– FAS spokesman