Replies to Media ● Dec 07, 2018

FAS’ response to Gymkhana FC’s expulsion from the FAS National Football League


“Gymkhana FC is expelled from the Football Association of Singapore National Football League (FAS NFL) as they were unable to field 11 players at the point of kick-off on three separate occasions in the course of the competition. This is in accordance to the NFL competition regulations, the contents of which had been disseminated and briefed to participating clubs prior to the start of the 2018 season. In each instance of Gymkhana FC’s failure to field 11 players at the start of the match, the club was officially notified of their infringement of competition regulations, and reminded of the consequences as per the regulations.


“Contrary to Gymkhana FC President Mr. Patrick Francis’ claims, the FAS had communicated to him on the process for any appeal that Gymkhana FC may wish to file, as well as the procedure for the club to re-enter the NFL competition.”


– FAS spokesman